10 Youtuber Makeup Collabs You Need to Know About!

YouTube makeup stars and a huge cultural force, and among young women and teens, they’re hugely influential. So it’s no surprise that these stars have made it their mission to collaborate with makeup brands to create unique, beautiful makeup and beauty products that reflect their own personal brands, preferences, and tastes.
The results are astonishing – totally unique collabs with established makeup brands that are as varied as they are beautiful, and aren’t to be missed if you’re a makeup enthusiast, or a makeup artist yourself.
Let’s check out some of the best YouTuber makeup collabs below.
Tanya Burr
Tanya Burr, a British Youtuber, has collaborated with FeelUnique for a full line of makeup kits, after the great success that she found with a lipgloss back in 2014. It features options ranging from flashy to neutral, and even includes products up to false eyelashes and full eye and eyebrow palettes, as well as single options like lip glosses, lipsticks, and nail polish.
10 Youtuber Makeup Collabs You Need to Know About!

Her new Soft Luxe Collection focuses on understated, yet eye-catching shades like pinks, purples, and soft, glowing champagne colors that give a romantic air to standard looks.
Fleur de Force
Fleur de Force has long been known for her affinity for “natural” looks – and has many YouTube videos describing how to achieve these looks.
10 Youtuber Makeup Collabs You Need to Know About!

So it’s no surprise that for her first Collab with FeelUnique.com, she’s focused on creating beautiful eyeshadow palettes and lipstick that look totally gorgeous and feel luxurious, while still maintaining a natural look and color that’s sure to please anyone who’s turned off by bright neons and unnatural colors.
Zoella, a British YouTuber with over 9.6 million subscribers, is a huge fan of all sorts of beauty and self-care products, and her personal collaboration with FeelUnique includes a Huge Range Of Products that aren’t just limited to makeup – personal cosmetic bags, body lotions, bath and hygienic products, (and yes, makeup and cosmetics) all get her personal touch, and have become hugely popular due to their unique designs, customizable flair, and great quality.

10 Youtuber Makeup Collabs You Need to Know About!

Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star is totally unique – he’s an American singer, songwriter, and makeup artist who’s been tremendously popular on YouTube for his bold, bright looks inspired by the glam cultures of the ‘80s, and his boutique makeup brand is tremendously popular. While he’s got a huge range of products – lip gloss, lipstick, and other beauty products, among others, the recent release of his Skin Frost highlighting powders has made waves across many different subcultures, with its incredibly bold and vibrant coloration, high quality, and the fact that it’s totally vegan, gluten, talc, and paraben-free.
10 Youtuber Makeup Collabs You Need to Know About!

If you’re looking for incredibly bold colors that are socially conscious, look no further.
Shaanxo’s specialty is her lip swatch videos, so it should be no surprise that for her first collaboration with BH Cosmetics she’s released a Double-Sided Palette – 9 lipsticks on one side, 9 eyeshadows on the other. The eyeshadows mainly consist of subdued neutrals in both shimmer and matte finishes, and the lipsticks range from subtle plums to flashy and bright pinks and reds.

Carli Babel
Carli Babel, a very popular YouTuber and makeup artist, has gotten herself into the makeup game with This Palette that features 14 differently colored eyeshadows and highlights, ranging from a subdued plum and brown color to brighter auburn and russet colors. Versatile and unique, this is a hugely popular palette, featuring options that are appropriate for both long days and nights out.

10 Youtuber Makeup Collabs You Need to Know About!
Makeup Geek
Marlena Stell, AKA The Makeup Geek, has an enormous line of products on her store, but her most popular product by far are her unique Metallic Eyeshadow Sets, such as the Foiled Essentials Bundle, and the Foiled Essential expansion set. These unique colors are bold, bright, and flashy, and you’re unlikely to find a product like this anywhere else.
10 Youtuber Makeup Collabs You Need to Know About!

Tati Westbrook
Tati Westbrook, a YouTube beauty star, has gotten into the makeup collab game with her recent Collaboration With Birchbox, which features trendy, highly pigmented shades, including the ever-popular Vibrant Matte Lipstick and the One & Done Shadow Stick, which have been selected, named, and created by Tati to create unique looks that are totally one-of-a-kind.
10 Youtuber Makeup Collabs You Need to Know About!

Jaclyn Hill
Jaclyn Hill is known for her incredible highlighting skills, so it’s no shock that after previously releasing eyeshadow palette, she launched a Full Lineof highlighters with Becca and Sephora in February 2016. These collections combine subdued neutrals that combine perfectly with neon accents and highlights to create incredible, unique looks and styles.

10 Youtuber Makeup Collabs You Need to Know About!

Cara Brook
Cara Brook, AKA Maskcara, has a huge line of products, ranging from foundation, to eyeshadow, to brushes and tools, and other makeup applicators. The most unique aspect of this brand is that you can create custom Eyeshadow And Foundation Palettes, so whether you have unique skin that can’t be covered by a standard palette, or just want to experiment, you’ll be covered.

10 Youtuber Makeup Collabs You Need to Know About!

There are tons of incredible makeup offerings on this list, and we guarantee you’ll want to try each one. Sets ranging from subtle and subdued to wild, crazy neon and bright colors make these offerings versatile, unique, and totally awesome. Check them out today.
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