15 Amazing Bridal Hairstyles for Long Hair | Wedding Hair Styles | Hair Tips

15 Amazing Bridal Hairstyles for Long Hair | Wedding Hair Styles | Hair Tips
Your Wedding will be one of the most important events of your life. You will want every aspect of it to be wonderful and you yourself, will want to look absolutely beautiful at all times. Deciding on a hairstyle for this special ceremony is important. There are so many gorgeous wedding hairstyles for long hair to choose from, you need to take your time and pick one that will be perfect for you. Wedding hairstyles for long hair includes western designs, classic updos or long, loose waves. Choose a hairdo that will bring out your natural beauty and make you look stunning. You will want a style that will hold in place all day for all those pictures and videos, too.

Wedding hairstyles for long hairwill determine how you decorate your hair and use a veil or tiara. It can also help you to show off the jewelry you will wear. You may have to choose a hairstyle that will compliment your custom or tradition. Since there are lots of options, planning ahead can help avoid getting overwhelmed and last minute surprise glitches. If it is at all possible you may want to try your chosen hairstyle out in advance to completely perfect your look and to make sure you are totally happy with the results before your big day arrives

Traditional Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Soft Curled Bun Hairstyles

Soft Curled Bun Hairstyles | Hair Tips | Bridal hair Style
Updo hairstyles for long hair can be done in a variety of ways depending on what you desire. Soft curls carefully pinned in place and ornamented to match your wedding dress can give a romantic feeling and look to your hair. Wearing your hair up will help to keep you cool if the weather is hot. This look inspires confidence and elegance.
Multi-Braided Bun Hairstyles

Multi-Braided Bun Hairstyles | Wedding/Bridal hair Styles
As this multi-braided bun shows there are endless possibilities for decorating wedding hairstyles for long hair when it is worn in an updo. Flowers, gems, pearls, and ornaments are just a few things you can add to your beautiful hairdo. Updo hairstyles are also perfect for wearing a tiara as the tiara emphasizes your updo bringing out the beauty of your hair. You will want your wedding to be a memorable occasion and your hairstyle will be part of those wonderful memories
Wedding/Bridal hair Styles

Updo hairstyles for long hair are a timeless, classic look that suits anyone of any age and are great for any formal occasion, not just a wedding. Your updo can be done using braiding or wrapping and pinning in place or any combination therein. However you dream of having your hair for this important event is possible.
Back Bun Hairstyles

Back Bun Hairstyles | Wedding/Bridal hair Styles
This back bun updo is done with a combination of straight wrapped hair mixed with curls and braids. You can wear an updo hairstyle as plain and simple or as fancy as you would like. You will want your hair to look radiantly beautiful for this important event, so caring for your long hair is essential. Be sure to keep split ends and tangles to a minimum by trimming your hair if it is needed. You will want to keep the ends of your hair well conditioned to prevent splitting and tangling. Be gentle when washing your hair to avoid damaging it and stay away from hot water as this can dry out your hair striping it of its natural oils. Always use conditioner on your hair after washing it especially on the ends to keep it healthy. It is best to let your hair dry on its own without using any sort of blow dryer or heat to dry it and try to avoid rubbing your hair dry with a towel. Take care when brushing or combing out your hair. Be gentle. Try to use a brush with natural bristles or if you are using a comb, make it a wide toothed comb for the best results.
South-Indian Wedding Hair Styles
Traditional South-Indian Wedding Hair Styles|

 Bridal hairstyles for long hair include traditional looks that are beautifully adorned. A simple, single braid worn down your back decorated with Jasmine flowers and buds not only looks wonderful, but smells terrific also. Jasmine is a traditional flower worn by the bride and sometimes the groom. The Jasmine buds have a stronger scent than the flowers, so keep this in mind if you plan to use this fragrant flower

 Indian Bridal Hairstyle
Wedding hairstyles for long hair usually have flowers inter weaved. You may want your entire braid to be covered with flowers and buds with your braid being completely covered. If you hair is not as long as you would like you can faux extend the length this way by trialing the flowers down as long as you desire. Wearing red is a traditional bridal color that signifies happiness, so it is natural to have your hair decorated with red flowers or ornaments. Red is also the color of life, love and passion and the bride wears this color to reflect this as she embarks on her journey through her new life with her husband.
Jeweled Indian Bridal Hairstyle 

Jeweled Indian Bridal Hairstyle | Wedding Hair Style Tips
Wedding hairstyles for long hair include having a braid done to one side and worn over your shoulder rather than straight down the middle of your back. If you have luxurious, healthy hair, why not show it off this way? You can leave the braid plain without too many ornaments for a more understated look, but still have the crown of your head elegantly decorated. This will bring the focus of attention more to your attractive face.
Side Swept Hairstyle
Side Swept Hairstyle  | Wedding Hair Style Tips

You may wish to have your hairstyle a little less formal by wearing it long and loose. This Side Swept hairstyle is the perfect partner to compliment the beautiful veil in the photo above. Having long, flowing, wavy hair can look stunning with your wedding dress. Wedding hairstyles for long hair don’t have to be cumbersome or restrictive, but can be easy and carefree if that better suits your personality. This style of hair can still be adorned with decorations or veils if you wish. You can wear your hair pinned over to one side if you don’t want it all unbound. Ultimately, the hairstyle for your wedding is your choice and you will want to be comfortable and relaxed without having to continually fuss over your hairdo. You will want a style that reflects your personality and makes you look radiant.
Loose Wavy Hairstyle
Loose Wavy Hairstyle | Wedding Hair Style Tips
Casual, long, loose wavy hair style can be the perfect choice for your long hair depending on your wedding style. This can be a no fuss solution for your hairstyle and relieve any stress of having to do something more intricate with your locks. You will have so many details to arrange for this lavish affair, that you may want to make things a little easier by having a simple hairstyle. This way of wearing your hair can be just as stunning as a more time-consuming hairdo. You want to enjoy this special occasion and have fun eating and dancing and making the most of your wedding. The less stress or worry you have the better. Having a simple hairstyle can help keep your mind off your appearance and focused on the festivities
 | Wedding Hair Style Tips
Wedding hairstyles for long hair can be as formal or casual as you wish. Having your hair loose doesn’t have to be completely informal as you can pin up parts of your hair to create different looks and give it more of a stylized feeling. Complete this look with ornaments and veils
 | Wedding Hair Style Tips
Here we see another example of long, loose wavy hair style that has been pinned back from the front done in a way to add more waves to the top of her hair. The western bride wants to look her best when she walks down the aisle on her father’s arm towards her future husband and is seen in her wedding gown for the first time by all the guests. She chooses her clothes and hairstyle carefully to reflect her taste and style hoping to have a perfect wedding day.
Open Straight Hair Style

Open Straight Hair Style | Wedding Hair Style Tips
You want your hair on your wedding day to make you look your most beautiful, so try different styles to find the one that will compliment you the best. With such a vast array of wedding hairstyles for long hair, you may need to try a few before finding the right one. You are going to want to look beautiful for your new husband and your family and friends on this most important day, so don’t leave your hairstyle to chance. Be sure you will be happy with the choice you make

Long Hairstyle With Flowers
Long Hairstyle With Flowers | Wedding Hair Style Tips
 Decorating your hair with a floral wreath is a simple yet pretty way to wear your hair for your wedding and looks amazing with your hair loose and flowing down. This style will free up lots of time that can be used for celebrating rather than being spent on doing a more elaborate hairstyle.

Cone Shaped Wedding Hairstyles for Long

Cone Shaped Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair | Wedding Hair Style Tips
Wearing white is a western tradition for brides. White signifies purity and wealth as this color is difficult to keep clean. In modern times, the western bride’s white gown will only ever be worn once, another way to show off how wealthy she is. The addition of white flowers, pearls or other ornaments in her hair is common for brides. There are many wedding hairstyles for long hair to choose from and these are popular in the west, too. Wearing your hair down and loose is a feminine, attractive way to show off your beautiful hair.
Loose Back Bun Hairstyles
Loose Back Bun Hairstyles| Wedding Hair Style Tips

Western wedding updo hairstyles can be done with a casual flair to add softness to your look helping to make this normally formal design more relaxed. This photo shows a lovely, loose back bun which gives an air of romance. Having your hair up in a bun or other updo is a perfect style to go with a sleeveless dress and accentuate your shoulders. In the west, June is considered the lucky month for the bride for her wedding to take place.
Fishtail braid Hairstyle with Tiara

Fishtail braid Hairstyle with Tiara  | Hair Tips at Megha Shop
A fishtail braid or other types of braids are popular wedding hairstyles for long hair. French braids are very common for a bride and her bridesmaids to wear on the wedding day. There are many different types of wedding ceremonies in the west usually depending on the religion(s) involved or the wishes of the couple getting married. For instance, Celtic style weddings are growing in popularity in the British Isles and North America. With the different types of ceremonies comes numerous wedding hairstyles for long hair. The possibilities seem endless.
Formal Wrap Bun Hairstyle
Formal Wrap Bun Hairstyle  | Hair Tips at Megha Shop
A formal wrap around bun hair style updo is another option for this special occasion. If you want your wedding to be a serious, stately ceremony this would be a perfect hairstyle. Wedding updo hairstyles give you many different looks to choose from and we have only seen a few here

Cascading Braid Hairstyle

Cascading Braid Hairstyle | Hair Tips at Megha Shop
Bridal hairstyles for long hair can be as beautiful and romantic as you like. Here we see a graceful cascading braid adorned with pink roses. This occasion is a wonderful way to let your naturally beautiful long hair be showcased. Along with the traditional white the western bride usually chooses a couple of other colours to be used for her wedding decorations and in her bouquet. The groom and groomsmen usually wear one or more of these colours for their ties and cummberbuns and/or boutineers as well.

Loose Side Braided Hairstyle

Loose Side Braided Hairstyle
This photo shows a chunky loose side braid adorned with a wreath of flowers. The bride may wear flowers, gems, a tiara or veil in or over her hair for the wedding ceremony. She may choose a hairstyle that will go with her dress and what she plans to wear on her head or she may choose the hairstyle first and then plan her ensemble later to best suit her hair. The bride’s personality shines through on her wedding day, whether it is formal or casual, fun or serious. It is a day for the newlywed couple to shine
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