4 Effective Methods You Need to Try to Deal with Blemishes

It must have been a dream for girls to get rid of blemishes for these are one of the worst enemy of those who want to have perfect and flawless skin. Blemishes are spots on your skin that occur at times or people refer them skin discolorations as well as dark spots. These skin issues are normally triggered by acne breakouts and the most common reason is probably hormonal imbalance, genetics. Besides, improper skin care, poor diet and constant sun exposure might bring blemishes to your skin.

Considering blemishes as trouble of your skin, you need to find the right way and method to treat them well so that you will have perfect glowing and healthy skin that is blemishes-free. Fortunately, these blemishes can be easily treated once you got to make use of some natural home remedies for blemishes from ready-to-use ingredients within your kitchen.

Following are some natural remedies that are good to make use of:

1. Baking Soda
This baking powder is great in helping you to treat your acne scars naturally without further ado and therefore, blemishes can be eventually got rid of. There are high amount of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial in baking powder that can be effective tool to exfoliate your skin. Once your skin í clean, you will almost no longer have to worry about the problems of skin issue any longer.

You will need to make a paste out of this baking powder then apply to your face right after washing. Leave it on for a while as a mask then wash off after 15 minutes. You should use this to scrub every two days within few weeks.

2. Tomato
Normally, if you want to get rid of blemishes, the most deciding factor is that you should use ingredients that can brighten your skin. In such cases, fruits with high amount of vitamin A should be the perfect choice for this fruit can effectively whiten your skin healthily.

There are two ways of applying tomatoes. You can either drink tomatoes juice or make the mask out of it. You should drink fruit every morning right after your breakfast to start your day well. Alternatively, you can make a mask out of this tomatoes to apply on your face. it will be best if you use the mask along with honey and lemon and a bit of sugar.

3. Carrot
Carrots or red vegetable in general are rich in vitamin A, which are really beneficial for your skin. Especially when it comes to brighten your skin. Therefore, carrots should be the perfect choice if you want to get rid of blemishes. Along with drink the juice, it is still a good choice if you make a mask out of carrots.

How to apply:
  1.      Take out few fresh carrots and boil them with water.
  2. ·        Mash up to have fine paste.
  3. ·        Add few teaspoons of honey.
  4. ·        Mix them well with few drops of lemons.
  5. ·        Apply over your washed face.
  6. ·        Leave for 15 minutes then wash off well with warm water.
  7. ·        Do this for 3 times a week until you find satisfied result.

4. Egg White
When it comes to brighten your skin, it is inevitable that you do not mention egg white. This egg white is packed with powerful healing qualities to give a helping hand in healing your blemishes, scars and other skin issues.

You will need to take decent amount of egg whites from the egg then simply apply all over your skin. Rub off with water after 15 minutes.

In order to get the best result, you need to be patient and consistent with this method for this might give satisfied result only after at least few weeks.

Author’s bio: This article is written by Rose Emma – Senior Editor of Authority Remedies. She works as a health care expert in the field of Nutrition and Health for over 2 years after trained in Food and Nutrition Dietetics at Bluffton University. With all the experience she accumulates since college, she provides people with useful information about nutrition as well as helps them with their common health problems.
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