40 Amazing Fashion Tips to Be a Trendsetter

Who wants to look boring or basic? We all aspire to be fashionable, but a common notion that most people have when it comes to fashion is that, if the clothes are expensive then only it is upscale. Well, this is a myth. Being fashionable does not mean wearing expensive clothes, it is all about how you style them. From your hairstyle to your shoes, the whole look must be in sync, to look fashionable and stylish. So, to help you out, we bring you basic style tips which will make you look voguish and like a total diva.

40 Amazing Fashion Tips

    •    If your outfit is supposed to be dry cleaned, don’t put it in the washing machine.

    •    Always wear well-ironed clothes.

    •    When you buy jeans and if they are longer, wash it twice before you take them to a tailor because they shrink.

    •    If you stain your dress with red wine then use white wine to remove those stains.

    •    If there is an oil stain on your bag, then don’t panic. Just dab some baby powder on that spot and let it sit overnight. The stain should vanish by morning.

    •    Never wear huge diamond studs or finger rings that are fake. They look tacky.

    •    Always dress according to your figure and body shape.

    •    When you iron your clothes, let it sit for 5-10 minutes before you wear it. This will avoid wrinkles.

    •    Always show one body part at a time. For example, if you are opting for a mini skirt, you are putting your legs on display. Now, choose a top that will not show any cleavage or midriff. This will make you look classy and stylish.

    •    A white shirt and a black dress are something you must have in your closet. They are fashion essence.

    •    Nude heels are a must. They will go great with anything and everything.

    •    The hem of your pants must reach the top of your shoes.

    •    Scarfs are awesome. They can transform your look in a jiffy. Hence, always carry one in your purse, it will come in handy.

    •    Always think before you buy.

    •    Always try before you buy.

    •    Your dresses must fit you perfectly. Never buy something a little bigger or a little smaller.

    •    Get your clothes stitched. They will flatter your figure, making you look classy.

    •    When you go shopping, try something that you feel is not for you. You never know. That might just be what you were looking for.

    •    Nude pumps should match your skin tone.

    •    Stripes are always in. They will make you look chic and classy.

    •    If you see a cute jacket, but the buttons are cheap. No worries. Buy the jacket and go to a tailor. He will swap them with good-looking buttons.

    •    Don’t invest in boring and plain coats.

    •    When you go for animal print, it should be only in the form of an accessory. Such as a belt, a pair of heels, etc.

    •    Experiment with Indo-Western fusion. They are chic, classy and incredibly fashionable. Also, they don’t need extra investment. It is just how you style it. For instance, you can wear a long A-line kurta with ripped jeans and ankle boots or a saree with a shirt.

    •    If your evening dress is heavily embellished, don’t go overboard with all the accessories. Just opt for some pretty little earrings.

    •    Own a denim jacket.

    •    Raid your boyfriend’s closet. Oversized shirts are so in. You can wear it with a pair of skinny jeans or with a body hugging dress. However, always complete the look with a pair of bright heels.

    •    A good fitting bra is extremely important. Also, invest in some T-shirt bras.

    •    Belt it according to your body type.

    •    Play with your jewellery. For example, you can wear your anklet like a bracelet.

    •    Invest in bold and bright shoes and accessories. They can make your outfit look voguish and classy.

    •    Fake or real, own a pair of diamond studs.

    •    Your sunglasses must compliment your face shape.

    •    Always carry a perfume with you. It is necessary to smell great at all times.

    •    Don’t say NO to red lipsticks. They look great on all skin tones and amp up the look instantly.

    •    Make sure your shoes are always clean and well maintained. It is said that; the first thing strangers will notice about you is your shoes.

    •    Don’t ignore the power of jewellery. Consider Buying Jewellery Online for better deals.

    •    Plan your outfit the previous day.

    •    Own at least one vintage piece. It can be a vintage dress or a lovely handbag, anything.

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