5 Prettiest Ways You Can Add a Metallic Touch To Your Wedding Décor

If you want to spice up your wedding day even more and add that extra touch of glamor and shine, the metallic wedding trend is definitely your cup of tea. Not only will the sheen of gold and silver bring more luxury to your wedding day but these nuances will also change the whole ambient of the wedding hall.
5 Prettiest Ways You Can Add a Metallic Touch To Your Wedding Décor

Metallic cutlery for style
In order to surprise your guests and make them feel like a part of an old-fashion grand ball, choose metallic cutlery, plates and glasses that match perfectly. The best thing about this is that you can achieve different themes with carefully and specifically picked designs and embellishments. Moreover, everyone will enjoy their meals, even more, when drinking and eating in such a fancy style.

Metallic table and hall decorations
Incorporating just a little bit of metallic vibe through the wedding hall and across the table can create a significant difference in the whole organization appearance thus making it look more elaborate and elegant. For example, metallic vases on the table look great against the white sheets while metallic garlands on the walls and ribbons on the chairs are a perfect choice for someone who wants this trend to be especially apparent for the guests.

Metallic all over the place
Having metallic table cloths and even flower arrangements does not have to look like you went overboard if you make sure to Pick the Right Metallic Shade and other combining colors. What’s more, flowers that have been sprayed over with metallic-like sheen and sparkles can appeal to different themes, from elegant ones to vintage-inspired weddings. You can even find some metallic balloons that would contribute to the whole atmosphere.

Metallic all over the place

Metallic accessories for the dresses
Of course, no one expects the bride to show up in a completely metallic gown, but details on the dress such as flowers, pearls and ribbons can make the dress even more exceptional if they are colored in gold or silver and match the rest of the décor. Combined with the same metallic color shoes, bride’s look will be the most memorable part of the wedding. The cutest thing can be matching the bride’s dress with flower girl dresses. There are some great stores with many beautiful options for flower girl dresses in Australia, but if you cannot find the perfect one for your metallic theme, you can always resort to some easy DIY projects. For example, adding the tulle or ribbons to flower girls dresses that are similar to bridal decorations.

Metallic cake as a perfect final touch
This might sound a bit surprising but a cake with metallic sugar coating is just as tasty as any other cake but with the advantage of looking completely amazing! The metallic cake look can be achieved with some golden or silver leaves and flowers as well. Moreover, an attractive cake like this will be a great decoration by itself at the wedding. Just imagine how splendid it will all look with matching theme for table decorations, cake and dress accessories!
If the word metallic reminds you of something gloomy, think again. You are not limited to gold and silver either. All colors can be ‘metalized’ in order to move the wedding style from traditional and regular to fabulous and trendy. 
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