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Every woman and girl has a beauty regimen they cannot go out of the house nor sleep without.  Not every beauty regimen though is proper nor correct.  That is an unfortunate fact because what you put on your skin is just as important as how you apply it.
5 Rules to Follow When Applying Anti-Aging Cream

Get your cream on right — every time

 Since how you put on your cream, like Illumine, is so important, here are 5 tips to help you get it right all the time:
1.  Give your skin a thorough but gentle cleanse.  Twice daily of washing, nothing more. Wash up to three times daily for oily skin types.  Never ever apply your anti-wrinkle cream on less than squeaky clean face.  Its one of the most basic rules to follow in any skincare regimen.
This squeaky clean requirement, however, does not absolve you from scratching away and wounding your skin with harsh ingredients and an ungentle manner of cleansing.  Cleanse your face in this order:
Step 1:  Remove impurities with a cleansing oil.  Use it as a makeup remover too.
Step 2:  Cleanse with gentle cleanser and lukewarm water only.
Step 3:  Tone.  Use gentle, upward strokes to unclog your pores and smoothen your skin texture.
Use only a cleanser and toner that are alcohol-free, rid of irritating fragrances and colorants, and soap-free.
2.  Make sure to use products and follow a skincare regimen fit for your age and skin type.   Skin at different stages have specific requirements.  Generally, your skin justifiably needs more as you age more.  However, “more” does not necessarily mean more products in your routine.  In fact, the less products you use, the better it is for your skin health.
Your skin will experience decline in the following natural skin components in this order:  antioxidants, moisture, energy, collagen, and skin barrier.  The composition of your skincare regimen, therefore, should be added on to following the same pattern.
3.  Always apply products in an upward direction.  Encourage better product absorption by applying each product upwards.  When the product has been thoroughly spread, give your face a gentle massage in an upward, circular motion to stimulate better integration of the product with your skin and with other products you’ve applied before it.  The massaging action also stimulates better microcirculation to help unblock veins that carry oxygen and nutrition to your skin found underneath.
Keep in mind that your skin is not easily permeable which means that your products will need help seeping through it.  Products made with micro-particles of the good stuff found in your skincare will help you solve this issue.
4.  Make protection the priority of your daytime regimen.  Make sure that your daytime regimen contains loads of antioxidants, vitamins and sun protection.  Check your products’ labels and product texture to help you figure out the proper order by which you apply each on your skin.  This can be tricky as, these days, each women may have anywhere beyond 5 and up to 20 steps in her routine which is considered normal.  Water-based, lightweight products first, followed by oil or emollient heavy, thick formulations.
Start with your essence or serum, followed by your eye serum, if any.  Next, follow through with your Vitamin C serum or cream.  Then, with your daytime moisturizer.  Apply your sunscreen last.  Wear your makeup over all of these products.  Then, end with a setting spray or powder.
5.  Repair and Regeneration must be the central purpose of your nighttime regimen.  If retinols do not irritate your skin, make this the highlight of your evening routine.  Again, begin with your serums and end with your heavy creams.  If you find retinols irritating, find products that contain peptides and proprietary complexes that help deliver the same results.
Aging skin beyond 40 will also benefit from ceramides that help restructure outer skin layers.  Ceramides are found in products like Illumaneau, which also contains the less irritating Vitamin A derivative, retinol palmitate, along with Vitamin E and antioxidants from botanical extracts.
Checking and revising how you have been applying your skincare products is an inexpensive way to improve your odds of winning your fight against skin aging.
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