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A diamond bracelet is an essential piece of jewelry in any girl’s jewelry box. It is very essential to know if you are looking to buy a bracelet for everyday use or occasional wear. Understand what your daily lifestyle is. Do you work in a corporate work environment? Do you have a casual style life style or a more active lifestyle? Once you know that you will make better choices in selecting the right diamond bracelet. This is a timeless piece in you jewelry collection, thus choose wisely.
How to choose a diamond Bracelet

It is also very essential to know how much you are willing to spend on this piece. Diamond bracelets have a wide range in terms of cost. Most styles start with a minimum of $1500 and can be as expensive as a $100,000+. So it is best to know approximately how much you are willing to spend.
A diamond bracelet is usually made in gold or platinum. I would highly recommend going to a trusted jeweler when you are looking to make a purchase. When you are going for bigger brand names you will definitely be paying significantly extra for the brand name. Going to a trusted jeweler is a great option if you are thinking of this purchase as an investment. 
Let’s get started to understand 5 most important aspects of choosing a diamond bracelet:
1.     Bracelet Style
Let’s talk about design and different styles of bracelets available for you to choose from.

 a.      Bangle Bracelet: This most versatile style. It modern and extremely comfortable to wear. It goes well if you want to wear it at work or special occasions. The bracelet bangles are very easy to wear. It is a rigid bracelet the style is somewhere like a bangle but not completely round, it’s a oval shape that will fit the arm wrist well and in place.

 b.     Cuff Bracelets:  Cuff bracelet is wide oval shape bracelet with no locks. It’s open in the ends and this makes it very flexible and easy to wear. These types of bracelets are typically worn as statement pieces. They are iconic and reflect the personality of the person. Cuff style is an old, antique-type, jewelry style.

 c.      Link or Chain Bracelets: Link or chain bracelets are delicate and flexible. These wrap around the wrist like a loose flexible chain. It’s extremely elegant and girly. Make sure the clasps for this kind of bracelet are nice and high quality and also have an additional safety lock. There are higher chances of losing a chain bracelet if its not connected properly. Also if one of the chain links break, you may have to fix it from a local jeweler. This more delicate style and I may not recommend it for daily wear.

 d.     Tennis Bracelets: Tennis bracelets are one of the most desired types of bracelets available. It is a row of diamonds placed end to end that is flexible. The size of the diamonds may vary based on the aesthetics and budget. Make sure while selecting this type of bracelet it’s well made and the links are sturdy. If the links break, there is a high chance of you losing the piece.  Make sure the clasp is high quality and you hear a click when you close it. It is advisable that it also has an additional safety lock.

Differnt types of bracelets

 A fun fact, many years ago Christie Evert Lloyd (Christine Marie “Chris” Evert, known as Chris Evert-Lloyd from 1979 to 1987, is a former World No. 1 professional tennis player from the United States. She won 18 Grand Slam singles championships and three doubles titles) was playing in the court. When she landed a shot, her diamond bracelet flew off and landed on the court. All the focus and the camera was on Christie’s bracelet and hence its was popularly called tennis bracelet.

 e.      Charm Bracelets:
Charm bracelets are bracelets that are adorned with little hanging charms. Traditionally the women bring an simple chain and then chooses and adds special charm designs that have a personal meaning to her own life. There is a long history on how they were introduced by Ancient Egyptians in 3000 BC. Here’s an interesting interview about the History of Charm Bracelets by NPR.

 2.     Metal
 Typically for a diamond bracelets there are 4 metals to choose from yellow gold, white gold, rose Gold and platinum. Although working with platinum can be quite expensive people do prefer it when the diamond carat weight is around 10 carats or more. Platinum is a harder metal and thus the prongs are much stronger.
For standard bracelets we do recommend it to be 18K yellow gold, white gold, raised gold. Gold Karat is measure of the purity of gold and is denoted by the letter K. Gold is mixed with other metals to make it suitable for jewelry making. This affects the purity of gold.
Compared to 18K gold, 14K gold is slightly cheaper and stronger. It doesn’t stay nice bright yellow after some normal wear and tear. 18K gold is slightly more expensive but it will hold more value over time and retain the bright yellow even if you wear it every day.

Types od Gold bracelet

There are some creative ways when it comes to choosing the metal for your bracelet. For example, you can opt for a dual tone Diamond Bracelet with both yellow gold and white gold. These make it extremely versatile and will match most of your outfits.
 3.     Design Elements
 There are different graphics and styles based on what culture you believe in. Below are some ideas:
A diamond bracelet can be adorned with special gemstones like ruby, emerald, sapphire, amethyst to add color and personality. One could choose to have diamond all the way or have a small motif in some form of design. Diamond bracelet can be a symbolic representation of some kind of figurine you admire or can relate to. They can be worn individually or in multiples together. 

Indian Diamond Bracelet deisgns

 4.      Bracelet Connections or Clasps to Consider
 Bracelets clasps or connections are very important aspects to consider because diamonds bracelets are expensive and you don’t want to lose them. Below are some of the secure connections for you to know that are secure and safe before buying a diamond bracelet.
1.     Line Bracelet Clasp
2.     Decorative Slide mounting Clasp
3.     Barrel Clasps

Bracelet Secure Clasps

 5.      Diamond Quality
 In terms of making sure you are getting the best quality diamonds. Below are some of the expectations you must have in terms of the 4C’s. 4C’s define the standards set by Gemological Institute of America (GIA).
Color: G-H is a nice color to go for

Cut: Excellent cut is what gives the sparkle in a diamond, having the cut excellent is very important for your diamond bracelet to sparkle for many years.

Clarity: I recommend VS clarity quality diamond. It is impossible to see the imperfections in a VS clarity diamond with a naked eye. Therefore spending more money on the clarity will definitely not promise you more sparkle and shine.

Carat: It’s the total weight of the diamonds used in diamond bracelet.
Besides the diamond quality, make sure the diamonds you are buying are natural diamonds and not synthetic. There are synthetic diamonds in the market that have all the above 4C values correct but are manmade in a lab. Synthetic diamonds cost roughly half of natural diamonds. If you decide to purchase synthetic diamonds, ensure they are priced appropriately.
I hope you find these 5 factors helpful to choose the perfect diamond bracelet. To conclude below is the summary at glance:
1.     Know what bracelet style would be best for your needs.
2.     Pick the right precious metal to get most value.
3.     Pay attention to design elements to suit your personality and style
4.     Ensure bracelet connections are high quality to reduce the chances losing it
5.     Diamonds meet high quality standards. We recommend G-H color or higher, VS clarity or higher and excellent cut, natural diamonds.
Author Bio:
Jinal Sampat is Jewelry Designer at Sampat Jewellers Inc. Her focus is on innovation and creation of jewelry pieces that are meaningful and hold long term value. She creates versatile designs with Indo-Western elements. Jinal holds her graduate degree from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). You can find her at Instagram.
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