5 Tips for Designing Your Hockey Team Scarves

Scarves are a sporting event staple, and they’re a wonderful way to show your devotion to a favorite team. They’re also fantastic for any local teams you play with. If you’re thinking of working out a New Design For Team Scarves, take a look at the pros for some unforgettable style inspiration.

Get Inspired This Season – 5 Tips for Stunning Hockey Team Scarves

Focus on Typography

The Boston Bruins, Colorado Avalanche, Philadelphia Flyers, and Calgary Flames have one thing in common incredibly iconic designs based on one letter. This is especially effective on hand-stitched jerseys or jacquard knit scarfs. Simply stick with the first letter of your team or city, or work the complete name into a design like the Calgary Flames’ logo. Alternately, try laying out the full name as the Toronto Maple Leaves or Minnesota Wild do.

Know Your History

Speaking of the Maple Leaves, the franchise recently Unveiled A New Logo hearkening back to the ’60s. Fans have responded well to the throwback. Your team may not have such a storied history, but there’s plenty of fascinating designs to look to for inspiration. Check out the seasonal NHL Winter Classic, which is played outdoors; teams either produce new jerseys for the event or bring back an old favorite. Reviewing these can lead to great ideas for something different than the standard hockey logos.

Go Seasonal – Or Nah

Many of the pro organizations take advantage of the symbols typically associated with the winter season penguins, bears, maple leaves, Canucks, etc. You can do the same, or head the opposite direction for ideas lightning, flames, devils, and sharks also are represented in the NHL. Look at the iconic symbols of the sport to get started, like pucks, ice, or sticks.

Know What Style You’re Working With

Depending on the scarves you order, you’ll have to pick a few colors or you’ll have an unlimited number to work with. You can also customize with different hues, and some scarves have a reversible side. For the latter style, you could try some typography on one aside and a logo or pattern on the other.
Regardless, you have plenty of decisions ahead of you. If you get stuck, look at the pros or your team’s roots. Most important, have fun with the design process. Enjoy uniting everyone on the squad with a custom scarf, and stay warm throughout the season. For help and suggestions on your order,  contact us today.
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