6 Tips to Hosting the Perfect Wedding Party in Atlanta

A wedding has to be the most memorable day of life. Why shouldn’t it be? It is a day you have been waiting for, a day when you can finally marry the love of your life. However, to ensure that you host a wedding party that remains a memorable one, you have to put some things under the spotlight.

From choosing the right wedding reception decorators to choosing who will stand beside you during the most important day of your life may seem like a daunting task, but fret not! If you follow some tips, then you are sure to host a wedding party that will bring back a smile each time you remember it in the future.

1.     Consult a Reliable Event Planner

The most important tip to ensuring that your wedding party turns out to be a hit is by making sure that you consult the right event planner. You can think about experts such as Let’s Celebrate Events, who could guide you about how big the venue should be the theme of your wedding, the interior décor, and every other detail like the invitation cards, the table setting and balloon decorations.

2.     Invite Your Guests Wisely

Once you send out invites to guests to have them in your wedding party, you cannot go back. So while it may be tempting to ask all your friends and relatives to be in the event, think twice. Take your time and give it at least a month to go through your options. Consider things like will you be close to those people in the next five years? A tip for you is to consider if the particular guests would fit in perfectly with the other attendants. If you think they would look odd, leave them off the list.

3.     You Need to Set Honest Expectations

Think about the role you want to play in your wedding party. Is it important to you that your close friends take part in the event, attend the other pre-wedding parties? Or should the guests choose to just come to the event for a short time? If you want to have a wedding party where everyone is involved, it may be the right decision to only invite guests with their family who live close by or else, you will find yourself in disappointment when they do not turn up. For friends who cannot commit for any reason (whether they live out of town or they are busy at work), you can invite them to a few preparatory activities like a stuffing party complete with some pizza and wine.

4.     Set an Attractive Theme

The trick to hosting a wedding party you could turn back to and remember as a perfect one is a right theme. When you set an attractive theme, you should know that it can be the game changer when it comes to setting an impression. You can decide to choose a theme on your own or have your weddingdecorators in Atlanta come up with some unique ideas. This year, the Pantone color “greenery” is all the rage. You can decide to have a classic white and green theme with matching balloons, table settings, and more. For a different look, you can choose any color and have matching floral decorations.

5.     Have Attendants

On your big day, you know well that leading the party may not be easy for you. You may need ushers to lead the guests to their tables and seats at the ceremony, along with some few people to welcome the guests. Most guests prefer a VIP corsage and feel happier with a reserved seat at the wedding ceremony. If it isn’t easy to hire an attendant, you can consider assigning some roles to your friends, but choose wisely.

6.     Have Some Entertainment Options

These days, wedding parties stand out as boring. The usual dinner, the guests, the photos, the conversations with your friends, and family, why not have something different that includes entertainment for everyone to enjoy. You can call in a live music band, or have a photo booth with props, a few games, and much more to keep your guest well-entertained.

When you finally set the date for your grand wedding party in Atlanta, keep in mind that the best people to help out with the arrangements and other details like the food, theme and all are wedding decorators. These experts have years of experience when it comes to setting up an event and they could help out with anything. However, along with event planners, you as the host have to also play a part to ensure the event is a hit. You need to work along the way to ensure the planners work according to your expectations and have them deliver the best results that would make your party a perfect one. 
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