7 day meal plan for healthy body

Nutrition is very important for the human body. Here we have the best the best, nutritious meal plan for seven days that you must follow. Have a look at them:

7 day meal plan for healthy body

Day 1:
Breakfast: A glass of whole milk, an egg, a bowl of fresh fruits (any fruit that is available in the season)

Lunch: A whole wheat pita bread wrap with grilled chicken and steamed vegetables, a small bowl of yogurt (try to have the low fat yogurt if possible, if not you can have the routine one)

Snack time: A glass of fresh seasonal juice

Dinner: Multigrain bread, baked sweet potatoes with any of your favorite sauce, a bowl of flavored yogurt or you can have plain yogurt with any of your favorite fruit
Day 2:
Breakfast: A bowl of cereal with whole milk and some canned apricots

Lunch: Bean salad, meat, cheese and salad sandwich, sautéed vegetables

Snack time: You can have few carrot sticks

Dinner: Grilled fish, a dinner roll, a bowl of fresh yogurt with seasonal fruit of your choice

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Day 3:
Breakfast: A baked toast, few pieces of cheese, honey and fresh fruits of your choice (Skip the milk since you are having cheese instead of that)

Lunch: spinach and sweet corn salad, salmon fish

Snack time: Few pieces of grilled wings

Dinner: Chicken wrap with sautéed vegetables, apple compote, low fat ice cream
Day 4:
Breakfast: A glass of strawberry smoothie, two slices of whole grain bread

Lunch: Chicken Caesar salad and one to two pieces of garlic bread

Snack time: Roasted nuts (a few pieces only)

Dinner: Fresh green salad, Spaghetti bolognaise, grilled peaches, low fat plain yogurt

7 day meal plan for healthy body

Day 5:
Breakfast: Granola, a glass of whole milk, an apple or a banana (or both if you love fruits)

Lunch: Sushi rolls (with a mix of everything, tuna, salmon, and different salad fillings) and a cup of hot chocolate made up of low fat milk (or you can have coffee instead if you don’t like hot chocolate)

Snack time: A glass of fresh orange juice

Dinner: Chicken stew, one to two dinner rolls, green salad, tinned apricots, a small bowl of apple crumble
Day 6:
Breakfast: Breakfast bruschetta, a glass of soya milk, a bowl of fresh fruits (seasonal fruit any of your choice)

Lunch: Pita bread wrap with roasted beef or mutton, chicken and salmon salad, grilled peaches

Snack time: A glass of milk shake made up of your favorite fruit

Dinner: Grilled chicken with mashed potatoes, tomato and cheese salad, a bowl of low fat yogurt
Day 7:
Breakfast: A boiled egg, chicken, lettuce and mayonnaise sandwich, a bowl of fresh fruits

Lunch: Tofu with vegetables and cashew stir-fry, black pepper pasta, a banana or strawberry smoothie (you can choose the flavor of smoothie according to your choice)

Snack time: One to two pieces of garlic cheese bread

Dinner: Beef steak with sautéed vegetables, a bowl of low fat ice cream.
This Mini Guide will help you out in maintaining a healthy eating cycle . Stay safe!
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