9 Recommended Organic Beauty Products You Should Try Now

Using all-natural ingredients on makeup and beauty products has been popular these among beauty companies. Organic makeup brands are almost everywhere, keeping all the ingredients all natural as much as possible. Makeup enthusiasts will be delighted to know that beauty products nowadays are a mixture of natural and organic ingredients, thus offering more advantages to make skin glowing and feels light. Beauty courses have been using natural and organic ingredients for their classes and sessions.

Below are some of the popular and recommended organic makeup brands:
Josie Maran
The founder of this makeup brand is the former model Josie Maran. She’s a nature lover who believes that the beauty industry lacks with sophisticated natural  beauty products. The ingredients to her makeup products are non-toxic, gentle, and eco-friendly. The main ingredient for Josie Maran products is Argan oil that is present to Argan Color Stick and Magic Marker Lip Stains. Argan Color Stick offers a sheer tint to lips and cheeks, while the Magic Marker Lip Stains gives color to lips along with bald that adds moisture.
Vapour Organic Beauty
This makeup brand focuses on creating high-performing all-natural beauty products. Each formula for product is composed of 70 percent organic ingredients and without any filler. From rich eyeliners to creamy blushes, they made sure it’s all organic. Elixir Lip Glosses is one of the most recommended products of the brand. the product is not sticky compare to other commercial brands. Siren Lipsticks is also recommended with pigments of moisturizing botanicals.
Tata Harper
The makeup products of this brand are all manufactured in small batches from their laboratory located in Vermont. the company does not use any kind of potentially toxic or synthetic ingredients to their makeup. In each product, they put 9 to 29 active ingredients which are safe. Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tints is one of the most favorite products, offering a dewy, natural looking glow on cheeks and lips. Their Spanish Lavender and Lipoamino Acid Technology helps in creating a plump appearance.
Sage & Row
Sage & Row helps in making the shaving activity enjoyable and luxurious without the harshness of scraping off the skin using sharp blade. Their Bare Shave Cream is made from rich, aloe-based formula that prevents nicks. Sheer Leg & Body Oil makes the skin heavenly soft. All their products are vegan and cruelty-free.
100% Pure
This makeup and skin products make sure to use only all-natural and vegan ingredients. The company uses fruit and vegetable pigments for coloring the products, adding antioxidants and vitamins in every makeup product. Fruit Pigmented Mascara in Black Tea is recommended for women with long lashes. It uses pigment color from Black Tea. For conditioning the lashes, they use Vitamin E and oat and wheat proteins
Bare Minerals
Bare Minerals provides a wide array of organic beauty products that are 100% all-natural. Their makeup products offer a flawless look and a light feeling on your skin. So go explore this best mineral makeup brand and find the right products that work best for you.The company recommends to use their foundations and blushes to help reducing acne problems of women. Some of the recommended products are Mineral Blush, SPF20 Concealer, and Bare Minerals Foundation.
Beautycounter makeup products do not have animal fats, oils, and musks as their ingredients. Instead, they are using all-natural, vegan and cruelty-free content. Recommended products are Every Day AM Hydrating Cream, tinted moisturizer and wide variety of lipsticks.
The company has been in the industry for three decades, offering beauty products formulated by wind energy, plant-based ingredients, and nonrenewable resources. The scent on each products last for a long time. Some of the recommended products of the company are Liquid Lip Color in Beaming Berry, High-Potency Night-A-Mins Skin Refining Oil, Ginger Essence fragrances, and Original Skin Renewal Serum with Willowherb.
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Founder David Klasfeld promotes these makeup products that are completely vegan and cruelty-free content. These products are  being being used by professional-quality makeup artists and other celebrities such as Natalie Portman and Ellen Page. One of the most suggested products of this company is the Lip Tars.

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