Battling the Aging of the Skin and Wrinkles

What contributes to aging skin?
The aging of the skin is a natural phenomenon in the same way as the aging of the whole of the organs and the body. The skin cells are renewed constantly, in cycles of 28 days, but as the aging of the skin cycle is extended increasing to 30 days or more depending on the individual. Thus, old cells accumulate, giving a dry skin appearance, which aggravates wrinkles, which is why it is necessary to hydrate its skin as well as exfoliate when necessary.
Battling the Aging of the Skin and Wrinkles

The Aging of the Skin is a Complex Phenomenon
Let’s look at the skin cells through science. Cell death, mutations, and cell degeneration are characteristics of the DNA-bearing chromosomes shorten at each cell division.  Scientifically, the loss of telomeres causes cells stop their cells divisions and enter into senescence and then into apoptosis. Thickening and transformation of the deep layers and in particular of the zone containing the collagen the skin becomes smoother. Finally, the tissues under the skin are fatty and muscular. These tend to dissolve, so the skin is less strained.

Also, the less elastic skin is the most striking manifestation of aging of the skin is the loss of elasticity of the skin. The property of elasticity is that which allows a substance to regain its initial shape after stretching. Thus, the aging of the skin is mostly marked by a delay of the skin to return to its initial position after its stretching along with daily wear and tear. Then, the skin slowly loses its elasticity and then gives way for the skin to relax causing wrinkles.

Battling the Aging of the Skin and Wrinkles

The Effects of Repeated Contractions of the Facial Muscles
The face is particularly rich in muscles at the forehead, periphery of the mouth, and eyes. We also note for example the appearance of dark spots. These are a manifestations is called heliodermy. Helio, for short, comes from the sun being a major factor of aggravation of the aging of the skin. Constant movement of the muscles causes aging. Therefore, some take it some extremes of botox or going the less risker and more natural way using pharmaceutical creams against anti aging offered at
What accelerates the aging of the skin?
The cells of the skin are sensitive to oxidative stress, marked by the accumulation of “free radicals”, responsible for modifications of the mitochondria (the energy centers of the cell), which results in a decrease in the vital energy of the cell. These are factors aggravating and accelerating the natural aging of the skin, which are usually those that increase oxidative stress. Among these accelerators the worst type that affects everyone is the sun and solar rays.

Battling the Aging of the Skin and Wrinkles

The ultraviolet rays are responsible for embrittlement by mutations within the skin cells, which in particular promotes skin cancers. Likewise, the UV inhibits the production of the elastic fibers of the subcutaneous deep layers, elastosis is observed, causing a dermis that is more rigid and thicker and less elastic. Finally, the UV accelerates the renewal of skin cells and their premature death: the skin becomes finer and parchment. It is therefore very important to protect oneself from the sun if one wants to limit the aging of the skin

The key is to find a balance where you can fight anti aging. It is a daily battle that everyone faces. The sooner you try to help the battle the more effective and longer you can fight the wrinkles from showing. Let’s be honest with each other, no one wants to get old and do you skin a favor by providing nutrition to the skin and exfoliation when needed to have a great young look.
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