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Almost all girls have had to put up with the Monday morning blues. How many times did you set the alarm on a snooze mode in order to doze for another half an hour till you kicked yourself out of bed after realizing that you were running behind schedule? You may have lost count of the number of times you’ve had to dash through your makeup regimen, miss breakfast, shove your way into the elevator, and sprint through the hallway to arrive just in the nick of time for that early morn conference in a disheveled state. However, you can now bid adieu to your early morning blues without compromising on your nap time or beauty regimen. Outlined below are some effective yet surprisingly easy, time-saving beauty tricks that you can abide by.


Versatile Products
You can make considerable monetary savings as well as stock up on time by using beauty or makeup products that serve dual or multiple functions. For instance, you’ll come across several brands of lip-gloss that you can also use for doing up your face. How about going for an eyeliner that can also be used for penciling your eyebrows? Consider the additional benefit of packing and travelling with fewer items in your handbag or shoulder bag.

Makeup while travelling
Put your mascara and suntan cream in the purse after you’re through with the groundwork of face powder application and flesh-toned cosmetic stick. However, to make the most of this tip, you’d need to be lucky enough to find a seat in the bus or metro or master the skill of applying makeup standing up.

Classic crimson lips
You can resort to using this trick if you’ve been late in getting up and running inexorably late. You’ll just have to apply a thick coat of a deep red or crimson lipstick before leaving or smear the same on your way to the office to dispel any impression that you woke up about half an hour ago.

Stay organized
Organizing your makeup items and beauty essentials by keeping these in distinct easy-to-pullout drawers or chambers can help you glam-up quickly and perfectly. Keep all your concealers, foundation talc, lipsticks, and eyeliners in a separate drawer.

A multipurpose cream
You may not always have the time to apply foundation, moisturizer, and a SPF lotion, your orderliness notwithstanding. The solution lies in using a BB cream that works as a foundation, SPF cream, and also as a moisturizing lotion.

Face wipe
What if you don’t have enough time to cleanse your face but can’t do without readying the visage for applying a makeup? Using a face wipe that also doubles up as an exfoliating agent will stand you in good stead.

Simply wash or cleanse the tassels
You may be tempted to thoroughly wash your tresses that’ll make you appear stunning but running short of time. Tie your locks into a neat ponytail, rinse the tassels and smear a conditioning shampoo, and follow with rinsing over a basin or sink. Use a hair dryer if your hair has a tendency to frizzle and if not, allow it to dry out over the course of time.

In case you’re pressed for time, you can skip the shampooing or rinsing process and put on a fedora or a sun-hat.

Complete part of the hairdo overnight
Thoroughly rinse your curls, dry it partly, and then massage a conditioning cream in order to create the pleats. You’ll be pleased with the wavy feel of your hair when you undo the braids.

Perfect ponytail
You’d not like to have greasy hair when you wake up the following morning, but then you may not have the time for a fast fix. Use a hairspray and make a ponytail throwing a part over the band to perk up the sleekness.

Cut back on time spent in curling the hair
You may not realize this, but you waste valuable makeup time by curling your hair in numerous sections. Create a hefty ponytail, section the same in two equal halves, and use a hairspray. The time that you save is devoted to snoozing.

Use the blower or hair dryer towards the end
You’ll soon realize that your hair dries faster if you leave it open while you’re busy applying the face powder or the eye shadow.

Untangle while you’re showering
Don’t waste your time trying to disentangle the knotty heap rather take a big-toothed comb to run through the hair while showering. This way, you not only save time but the process is also less painful.

Chapped heels
Summertime means slipping into well-maintained sandals or stilettos in order to extra care of your feet. But when you don’t even have sufficient time for face care, how can you spare time for manicure? Massage your feet with a moisturizing lotion or Vaseline before retiring to bed, and put on a pair of soft-textured socks.

Use a good quality exfoliating cream
Massage your entire body with a quality exfoliating and rehydrating cream before showering to radiate a youthful glow and look dashing in that brand new summer suit.

Removing hair for good
Want to say goodbye to all that woeful shaving to get rid of your body hair? Opt for waxing or consider an electrolysis treatment if you want to remove the hair for good. 
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