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Over the past few years, the papaya fruit commonly known as the pawpaw has received massive applauding. This is due to its effectiveness in some uses from birth control to digestion enhancing and its impact on weight loss. This is one fruit that we can (without fear of contradiction) call a jack of all trades. I mean, there is almost no sphere of livelihood that this fruit cannot improve. At this juncture, we try to sink your teeth into its benefits on the skin, hair and health.

Benefits of Papaya

1. Benefits of papaya on the skin
The papaya fruit helps keep the skin radiant and smooth. This can be achieved either through eating the papaya or just applying it on the skin. It will help:

a. Remove dead skin cells
When you eat it, its papain and vitamin A elements will help remove the dead skin cells and thus prevent your skin from breaking out. This is because acne is mostly caused by bacteria that thrive on dead skin cells that are not effectively removed from the body. When papaya helps remove the dead skin cells, the risk of acne is drastically reduced.

papaya on the skin

b. Clear acne
According to research, when a papaya mask is applied on skin that has broken out and is left for 30 minutes, the acne disappears. We may not delve into the science behind it, but this is good news for you who is battling acne: Papaya is here to save you.
c. Give you an even skin tone

The papaya peel can be used to lighten the skin and clear those dark spots thus giving you an even skin tone. This fruit is overly useful, and even its peels are of great help. Alternatively, you can mix mashed papaya with milk and apply on those darkened areas. The pigmentation will be reduced in a while. By the way, you can even apply it on your cracked heels, and it will give you the confidence to wear open shoes again.

2. Benefits on the hair
When it comes to the hair department of our bodies, we like it thick and long (save for the pubic and armpit hairs of course). You have probably noticed the obsession with thick and longer lashes that has made people use mascara and even get eyelash extensions attached. For some reason, everyone desires lush eyelashes. The same trend is also seen when it comes to hair. People are trying out various products in a bid to get fuller and longer hair. In this endeavor, papaya whether used as an ingredient in products; as food or as hair masks helps in:

a. Adding more volume
Frequent consumption of papaya has been shown to reduce thinning. This is in addition to removing the excess oil in the hair that force to remain attached to the scalp this presenting your hair as thin. When this happens, the hair will look more voluminous.
b. Clearing dandruff
Dandruff is a major menace facing most people. It causes scalp dryness and chronic itchiness of the scalp. However, with papaya, this will remain a thing of the past. The absence of dandruff will give us healthier hair. Papaya will also foster faster hair growth. Enough said, let us look at how papaya will benefit your overall health.
3. Benefits on health
According to recent health product reviews, more and more people are using multivitamins and weight loss supplements. This only goes out to show just how people are committed to their health. Let us see how Papaya helps in this regard.

Benefits on health

a. Losing weight
Through faced with controversy, research has shown that unripe papaya can help in weight loss. Now, if there is something that defines good health, then its fitness. When papaya helps people gain fitness through weight loss, it contributes to the overall health of the person.
b. Lowering cholesterol levels
Through its richness in fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C, papaya can reduce the build-up of cholesterol in your blood thus reducing the risk of you contracting diseases like high blood pressure.

In the light of the aforementioned few benefits of papaya, it is clear that this is one fruit you should not miss in your house. This is because its benefits are clearly numerous and vital for your well-being.

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