Benefits of Quitting Smoking and Avoiding Secondhand Smoke

We cannot hide the benefits of quitting smoking. Those who have successfully quit smoking can tell the health benefits. When people quit smoking, the first step is to avoid secondhand smoke. It is not recommended to let people smoke in your living space.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking and Avoiding

The benefits are not just health wise, they are also emotional and physical. Leaving smoking is liberating in many ways. If you quit smoking, you need to keep away from any form of carbon monoxide. This will keep your lungs clean.

Quitting smoking can also mean the transition to vaping. The e-cigarettes are a safe way to take in tobacco without all the health risks associated with cigarettes. The Tobacco E-Juicegives the same feeling as smoking tobacco. Most smokers quit smoking for vaping. Below are some of the benefits of quitting smoking and avoiding secondhand smoke.

Clean Lungs

The lungs of a smoker are clogged with mucus and tar. When you stop smoking, these toxins are slowly removed from the body. A recent quitter often coughs and produces a black discharge. This is the tar and carbon monoxide coming from the respiratory system.
With time, the lungs resume to the level of a nonsmoker. Many x-rays of smokers show an image of very dark lungs. The color looks like soot. This is the residue of carbon monoxide. All the carcinogens that are contained in cigarettes are very harmful to the lungs. All these are removed from the body when you quit smoking.
Protecting Loved Ones
When you smoke, you affect not only your health but also your loved ones. When you smoke at home, all the people in your surrounding take in secondhand smoke. Those who are nonsmokers are turned into secondary smokers.
The health repercussions of a secondary smoker are worse than a primary smoker. When you quit smoking, you protect all your loved ones from diseases such as lung cancer. You also protect them from the emotional torture of dealing with your addiction.

Better smile

Any smoker can tell you the struggles that come with stained teeth. When you smoke, tar gets stuck on your teeth and form yellow stains. Most smokers rarely smile due to the embarrassment that is caused by the yellowing of the teeth. When you quit smoking, the yellow stains slowly fade away. You will notice your teeth slowly whitening. A bright smile is a confidence booster. You will smile more and live your life to the fullest.

Better Breathing

An avid smoker’s lungs have less capacity than a nonsmoker. When one quits smoking, the lungs’ capacity increase by 10%. When the lungs’ capacity increases, more oxygen is inhaled in the body. The diminished lung capacity is noticed during exercise. A smoker can barely run for three minutes without running out of breath. A smokeless life means a healthy respiratory system with no clogging from mucus and tar.

Better Smell

No matter how much a smoker tries to clean up, the smell of tobacco rarely fades away. It is left on the sofas, clothing, and the surroundings. When you quit smoking, your environment naturally acquires a fresh smell. Your cologne will prevail instead of the tobacco smell.

Youthful skin

Due to the prevalence of carbon monoxide, little oxygen gets to the skin. The result is wrinkly skin that looks unhealthy. The hands are the most affected by the lack of oxygen. The nails get stained by tar, and the skin darkens and develops wrinkles.
When one quits smoking, the skin is rejuvenated by the abundance of oxygen. The nails resume to their normal color after the stain fades away. The wrinkles start to disappear, and they are replaced by a youthful look that is hard not to notice. Everybody will see some positive changes on your skin.

Improved Fertility

The toxins in cigarettes affect both male and female fertility. Male sperms are weakened by some of the toxins in cigarettes. In females, smokers find it hard to conceive and also are at a high risk of miscarriage. In extreme cases, smoking can lead to impotence.

Reduced Risk of Lung Cancer

Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer. Some people refer to cigarettes as cancer sticks. A cigarette contains over 4,000 carcinogens. Taking in secondhand smoke increases your chances of lung cancer. It is as dangerous as smoking the cigarette directly.
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