Break free from the stress with these 5 Foot Spa machines

Stress levels are increasing across all age groups. In America surveys indicate that children as young as in grade 8th have experienced some sort of stress and depression. The cause maybe relationships, academics or lack of sleep the result is high levels of stress. The incident of stress is particularly high in working class for they irregular office timings and quantum of word pressure contributes greatly to it. When there is a problem there must be a solution to it. There are innumerable ways of dealing depression and stress but nothing as compared to a relaxing few hours at your nearby spa. You can always hop in to your nearby spa and get a full body spa and get lost in the serenity of relaxation. But what if you could bring home the spa feel?

Here are 5 foot spa machines that you can buy to give yourself a massage at your home.

1. All in one spa by KENDAL
This is a professional foot spa machine that is of great use if you have a bad metabolism or blood circulation issues or you simply want to break free from the busy and stressed out days. You can use it with salt, oil and other foot products as per your own convenience.

2. Brookstone Heated Aqua – Jet Foot Spa (728219)
It is packed with many jets for giving a relaxing and soothing water massage. The nodes massage your arches and stimulate your pressure points. A couple of water jets release steam which will increase the blood circulation and provide the much needed relaxation to your feet. The water can be heated up to 115 – degrees (F). You also get an option to run the heat without bubbles.

3. Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager
This massager comes with ozone which helps to remove swollen foot and sore feet pain. It provides a rolling massage that increases the oxygen uptake for improving blood circulation and lymph.  You can switch on the air bubbles along with the waterfall jet system or use them separately as per your needs.

4. PIBBS Foot Bath Massager
From the company who is a leading manufacturer of salon, beauty and spa equipment worldwide here is a compact and feature packed foot massager. It has three modes – heat to create bubbles, vibrate and vibrate and heat. The advantage of using this machine is that it comes with an automatic heating element which keeps the water at a convenient temperature to provide the most relaxing feeling.

5. HoMedics® Hydrotherapy Foot Bath
It has four transparent clear foot massager along with four water jets to give a stimulating and warm massage. The bottom of your feet gives adequate care and relaxation because of the center massage balls. The unit is designed in such a way that it gets illuminate with a blue light. Though it does not have multiple speeds it will provide the most calming and engaging massage by focusing on the pressure points in your feet.

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