Climatic Trend in Fashion – Beauty Tips

There is an artist from Philippines whose name is Catherine Young and she explores human perception combined with environment. She is many-sided young woman who has degree in molecular biology, biotechnology, fine art and design. She studied in New York, Barcelona and Manila. The project she is currently working on is called The Apocalypse project. She was not the first one doing fashion based on climatic changes. There were Rebecca Fowler and Francesco Fiondella before her who created a calendar of climatic models in the year 2014. Scientists were models for this calendar illustrating their interests in the field of research.

Climatic Trend in Fashion - Beauty Tips

What Catherine young does is a bit different though. It is not difficult to guess that apocalyptic situations are in the center of her idea. Indeed, what to wear in case of apocalypse to happen and how to use materials at hand. Needless to say, that under apocalypse extreme climate changes are meant such as super typhoons, draughts or changeable weather in weather frequency.

She happened to work as a journalist and she caught herself thinking about the problem of apocalypse and how people in Singapore saw the problem. Through interviewing, she came up with certain questions upon how people imagine apocalypse, what to wear and even what superpower they would want to obtain to be able to cope with all the difficulty of the situation. Moreover, she asked them to draw their answers and in spite of whether they like it or not, she came up with a conclusion that the problem of what to wear in time of an apocalypse is the vital problem and this gave her a push to work on the idea.

Among other projects Catherine Young was working on were the project with students from National University in Singapore the central question of which was what would happen if our planet sued us for treating it this bad. Students helped with writing a script and choosing a cast so it made it to where it was possible to shoots film right in the reading room and that was what they did.
Apart from that, she also went to hiking tour through Seoul`s mountains. It was a time when she actually noticed all the damage humans’ cause and saw all the impacts on environment but she is sure that fashion, cinema, theater and photography are not the only ways to draw attention of people to the problem of environment. Designing clothes is one of the ways to attract people`s attention to the problem because otherwise they do not care much in most of the cases. An outfit is a story. Presenting the clothes, she engages audience to try it on so they could put themselves into the story. Using unconventional materials is always a challenge. Challenges taken by others always set a fire of interest within people`s minds.  

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