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Nothing seems enough when the bride decides to pick what is right for her. This day of her life is perhaps the most important as it will mark her transition from a daughter to a wife or a daughter in law. On her D-day it essentially becomes a mandate for the limelight to fall on the bride, dressed up in gorgeousness, attracting attention of each and every individual present. This joyous occasion however demands the would-be wife to undergo some level of indecisiveness as she is asked to choose from the array of attires, jewelry and makeup. The trickiest thing is narrowing down on your choice of jewelry. So basically it is not only about one’s personal preferences, it has a deeper insight.

Consider Your Facial Structure before Choosing the Right Bridal Ornament

Faces and the bridal jewelry
Isn’t it amazing to know how your face can actually be a considerable factor in picking jewelry? Your facial shape will tell you how exactly your gold chain or necklace or earrings should be like. Even as you think of a maang tika, the shape of your forehead will tell you whether or not it will be wise to choose a heavy adornment or the one that is light. A comparatively small or lighter maang tika is suitable for the shorter forehead.

Tired with your roundish face? Want a much personified appearance for the D-day? Get a longer necklace at least something that goes beyond the neckline. To top it up chandelier or teardrop earrings will accentuate your appeal to a different level of excellence.
A facial structure that is between the round and long may go perfectly with hoops and danglers; an angular shape wins this face a little more extra points than on usual days.
Do you have a rectangular face? If you were about to pick the elongated earrings at the store, it’s just time enough to drop the idea and instead look for something in round. Even the button earrings can make a great difference to your bridal looks if you have a facial structure that is close to that of the shape of a rectangle. You must be thinking if a lot of angular mathematics is involved in this. In that case, square earrings can spoil your looks to an extent you can barely think of.

Whether you are keeping your eyes on a fantastic range of 22k gold jewelry or looking forward to keeping it simple by picking costume ornamentation, consider your facial structure first because this is one of many determinants that will help you look as stunning as ever.

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