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When one thinks of Mehendi Designs, one thinks of pretty dainty designs for the hands — peacocks, flowers, and other ornamental designs. But seldom one looks at their feet and think of adorning one’s feet with those dainty designs. The design one wears in hands cannot possibly be worn on feet. Designs that adorn feet are equally intricate and beautiful, but a little different. In this video, you will see a creative band style design for the feet.

This ornate design does not cover the entire feet, but is designed to highlight the beauty of the feet like you were wearing some intricate ornament. Upside down V is draw, which is embellished with shaded petals. And dainty spiral-shaped paisley is drawn on its apex. The design is made of circles and beads that look like a beautiful ghunghroo worn on feet. This beautiful design takes more or less five minutes to draw, and looks absolutely gorgeous once its completed.
Drawing Mehendi Designs by you can be cumbersome. But you need not worry. We have selected four Beautiful Intricate Mehendi Designs for your feet that you can draw all by yourself, without having to worry whether you can do it yourself or not.

1- The Anklet Design
Just like you love wearing anklets, you can choose to draw one around your ankle. A broad geometric or floral design anklet can be easily drawn, and looks very beautiful. It can be flaunted even after you wear your footwear. The design doesn’t get hidden away by the straps, and is seen as an accessory that you adorn around your ankle.
Such designs are in trends these days, as they are not very traditional. Girls love to wear them with western wear because of their anklet look. One can draw them on their own in very short span of time, like 10 min. Many online tutorials guides properly .

2- Toe-Work

This kind of design is very easy to draw. The emphasis is on the toes rather than the ankles or the foot. You can choose to draw flowers, geometric shapes or a meshwork to adorn the toes and highlight your feet. This geometric pattern comprises of parallel lines, diamonds and beads. Although there is not much happening in the design, but the way simple geometric shapes have been put together, simply makes the overall look absolutely stunning. It looks very chic, modern and beautiful.

Toe-Work Mehendi Design

3- Artistic Design

Although this design looks very simple and ordinary, but it has a very artist appeal to it. Drawn on the sides of the foot, this asymmetric design looks very chic and modern. It breaks the monotony and the thumb rules of mehendi designs — not both the feet have to reflect similar designs. Instead of wearing the beaded accessory on the other leg, you can choose to draw a beaded mehendi design to adorn your ankle. This kind of design has a very playful reflection, and is very appealing to the wearers.

Artistic Mehndi Design

Artistic Mehndi Design 

Image credit: www.kellycaroline
4- Flowers & Petals
To keep the design very simple, yet elegant, one of the easiest ways is to make concentric circles, and either surround it with petals or two big petals. Like in this design. This design looks very feminine, beautiful, and very traditional.

Flowers & Petals Mehndi Design

Flowers & Petals Mehndi Design

Image Credit: healthnbeauty

5- Spirals
It is one of the easiest designs to draw. And not only does it look very feminine, but it also has a very artistic and contemporary feel to it. A spiral like of spirals is drawn. And outside it, a beaded line is drawn to highlight the design. You can conveniently adorn this design for a wedding or for a party.
Spirals Mehndi Designs

Spirals Mehndi Designs

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