Do Silk Sarees Online Shopping For Owning The Exotic Silk Sarees

The silk fabric is formed after a series of sincere efforts from the skilled labors and weavers. The labors had to do the task of extracting and preparing silk slowly and tirelessly. This is the reason why the pure silks are very expensive and the labors mix up the synthetic fiber yarns in order to weave affordable

Do Silk Sarees Online Shopping For Owning The Exotic Silk Sarees

Types of Silk Fabrics.
In India there is a large variety of silk sarees in the market encompassing two major categories of silk namely mulberry silk and non-mulberry silk. The mulberry silk is extracted from the silk worm who solely feed on the mulberry plant to produce silk and the non-mulberry silk includes different silks like tussar silk, eri silk, mussel silk and muga silk etc. Silk has different names in different regions of India; it is known as Pattu in the south Indian states, Paat in the East Indian region and called as Resham in Urdu or Hindi.  The different varieties of silk sarees in India are famous worldwide. Some of them are mentioned below:-
Tussar silk sarees
Tussar silks are exquisite rough-textured sarees. Despite the fabric being less sturdy because it has shorter fibers, Tussar silk continues to be bought by many ladies because the sarees have a grace of its own. Tussar silk has uninteresting gold shine that makes the sarees apt for all types of occasions.
Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram sarees
These sarees are made by traditional weavers of Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. These sarees are weaved using three shuttles and the common themes and motifs on these sarees have chariots, peacocks, swans, lions, moon, sun, mangoes, coins etc. The other motifs include jasmine buds with round or square buds locally known as ‘mallinaggu’.
Banarasi sarees
The beautiful and exotic sarees designed by the silk weavers in Varanasi. These sarees are popular for their gold and silver brocade work. The pallu of the Banarasi saree is done in a skillful way where the weavers pay special attention to the details.
Bandhni sarees
The Bandhni sarees are the specialties of Gujarat and Rajasthan. They are made with the tie and dye styles of coloring the sarees. The sarees are dyed in one or more than one color and are available in multicolored patterns also. The thread dipped in different color dyes are tied on the silk fabric and dried. When this thread is opened, beautiful dotted patterns of that color can be seen on the whole saree.
Paithani silk saree

These sarees are the product of the city in Maharashtra named Aurangabad. These sarees are made from silk and metallic threads and are specially known as they are made from the sources which are derived from the nature including flowers, soil, leaves etc. Other than these many more types of silk sarees are worn and manufactured all over India. You can do silk sarees online shopping to own different types of silk sarees from the plethora of silk sarees that are available online.
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