Essential Gear to Take Your Winter Adventures to the Next Level

There are two kinds of people in the world. The first is the sort that likes to curl up at home when the temperature drops with a warm cup of cocoa or a book. The second sees chilly temps and snowfall as invitations to enjoy an entirely new set of adventures. If you’re the second type of person, then you’ve come to the right place. Travel, adventure, and new experiences are definitely not just for the summertime. Here we’ll take a closer look at some of the essentials you’ll need to make sure your winter adventures are everything you want them to be.

Essential Gear to Take Your Winter Adventures to the Next Level

1.     Solid Outerwear
The right outerwear makes all the difference in the world between having a fantastic time on cold weather adventures and spending the entire day shivering uncontrollably. That said, any winter adventurer needs a good collection of items, like the following:

    Wool overcoats and weatherproof trench coats that are sturdy enough to protect you from the cold, but cut stylishly enough to look put together when the adventure of the day is an impromptu pub crawl, an outdoor festival, or a trip out of town to hit a special event.

    Quilted jackets, vests, and leather items from companies known for winter gear that protect against even the harshest elements. Think brands like Carhartt and The North Face.

    Sportswear and activewear designed to keep sporty, adventurous people comfortable, no matter what the weather may bring. It’s perfect for everything from a morning jog to a red-eye plane ride, to an impromptu shopping spree out of town.

Solid Outerwear

This season’s most exciting outerwear for women, men, and children was designed to be the best of both worlds. It’s not just practically built with cold weather in mind. It’s stylish, comfortable, and fun to wear as well.
2.     Reliable Footwear
Even if you don’t live somewhere that sees heavy snowfall or subzero temperatures in the wintertime, the chances are pretty good that you have an ample rainy season to contend with instead. In those climates, your choice in footwear is key. Settle for a cheap pair of boots or a pair of shoes that isn’t seasonally appropriate, and you’ll have nothing but cold, wet, uncomfortable feet to show for it.

This winter, stock your closet with sturdy boots and winter footwear that can stand up to any amount of rain, slush, or snow. Duck boots are a fantastic option, as they’re very much in fashion now. They’re also more than capable of keeping your feet dry under even the harshest weather conditions – perfect for hiking, winter beachcombing, or camping! Fleece-lined snow boots from brands like Sorel, Tommy Hilfiger, and Sperry are wise choices.

3.     Weather Resistant Backpack
The word “adventure” can mean different things to different people. To one person, it’s all about making time for a great camping or hiking experience no matter what the weather might bring their way. To another, it’s about piling their family or all of their best friends into the car and taking a spontaneous road trip to a ski lodge or a mountain resort. Whichever side of the camp you prefer, you really need a good backpack you can count on at your disposal.

Choose an all-weather backpack made for braving the great outdoors so that it’s appropriate for as many uses as possible. Look for features like an ergonomic fit, padded compartments designed to protect electronics or other delicate items, and sturdy straps that will ensure the pack is comfortable to wear no matter where your adventures take you. It’s the perfect must-have item for everything from serious all-day hiking to exploring a new city on a whim.

4.     Layer-Friendly Clothing
Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or simply someone who wants to stay as comfortable as possible when the temperature drops, layers are a winter must. They’re the best way to keep warm both indoors and outdoors. They’re versatile, as you can always remove a few items of clothing if the sun comes out unexpectedly.

Layer-Friendly Clothing

That said, all winter adventurers need plenty of clothing that lends itself well to layering. Start with a collection of close-fitting, thermal knit items for an ideal bottom layer. Add light sweaters, vests, heavier sweaters, and outerwear. Finish off your look with a knit all-weather beanie and a cozy woolen scarf, and you’re all set! If you’re planning on spending time somewhere truly chilly, you might want to consider adding long underwear to the mix.

5.      Winter Accessories
Whether you’re dressing with style in mind or are more focused on practicality, no winter outfit can be considered complete until it’s properly accessorized. This winter, it’s all about accessories, like the following, which are equal parts fashionable and capable of keeping you warm even in the dead of winter.

    Hats or caps that are capable of keeping your head warm and cozy no matter what your day sends your way are a winter must. Look for options like cozy knit beanies for headwear that’s equal parts warm and fun to wear.

    Scarves are another absolute essential this winter. They’re also among the most versatile fashion items you can have in your cold weather wardrobe. Wind them snugly around your neck to protect your throat from the cold during a hike. Drape them over your shoulders and secure with a belt for a fun day look.

    Gloves are another staple, especially if you’re planning on spending much time outdoors. Snag a sturdy pair of all-weather gloves for outdoor activities and a pair of fashionable knit fingerless gloves for everyday wear.

The better prepared you are to face adventure head on this winter, the more you’re likely to get out of the entire experience. Making sure your cold weather wardrobe is complete is only becoming more important as we make our way into the coldest, bitterest months. Get started today!
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