Fashion Tips for Selecting Mothers’ Wedding Outfits

Choosing the mothers’ outfits is the next most important fashion decisions after the wedding party has been dressed. While all eyes will be on the bride and groom and their team, the focus will be on both mothers for a good portion of time, and having the right outfit allows you to enjoy your child’s ceremony in comfort and elegance.
Fashion Tips for Selecting Mothers’ Wedding Outfits

Gone are the days when mothers of the bride and groom had to wear matronly gowns of a certain build; today, you can go all out with an outfit that highlights your individual style. Don’t be stuck with beige, unless that’s the color you love. You can match the color scheme of the wedding party, but if you’d like to have something different, ask the bride to allow you to go with what works for you. Be prepared to look graceful, fashionable and elegant, and boldly walk into the ceremony because you’ll be looking like a star.

As stated, the sky is the limit regarding style (propriety is key, however), from long and short dresses to skirt and jacket ensembles to formal gowns. Be willing to work with what the bride wants e.g. if you have a themed wedding. As usual, starting early allows you to find something that will really suit your style and tastes.

Below is a list of guidelines that will help you through the process:

  • 1.     Conventionally, the mother of the bride is allowed to select her outfit first

  • 2.     You can choose to work with the bride’s theme colors, but doing so will have you disappearing and looking like one of them. Choose something that’s different but complements the wedding party’s color choices

  • 3.     Don’t wear the same colors as each other. Its okay to deviate from the color scheme provided your outfits look distinct.

  • 4.     Length is a matter of personal preference, whether you’re attending a formal ceremony or not. However, be careful about going too short, even if you regularly wear shorter outfits. Knee-length or just slightly higher is the highest you should go. Be careful about calf-lengths though, as these require a certain kind of footwear and style to look elegant on everyone.

  • 5.     Wearing clothes of the same length can help to create better harmony for wedding photos, but this isn’t a must for you.

Wedding outfit tips for mothers

  • ·        Instead of department stores, go shopping in specialty stores which will allow you more personalized attention and a wider selection. Such stores are also ideal in case alterations need to be made, as well as to find accessories and undergarments to go with the outfit.

  • ·        Where possible, carry a swatch of the bridesmaids’ gown’s fabric and color, so that you can choose an outfit that complements them.

  • ·        Ensure you start two or three months before the wedding so that you allow time for extensive shopping and shipping if ordering from Wholesale Fashion Clothing stores online as well as any alterations that need to be made. In case something doesn’t fit or work, you have some time to find a plan.

  • ·        When buying the dress, find out which shoes and undergarments (including pantyhose) you should wear in order to make the dress look perfect

  • ·        Both mothers are traditionally allowed to make the first call to discuss ‘the outfits’. Because the mother of the bride has first picks, she would typically make that call, but if the groom’s mother hasn’t heard anything and plans are moving along, she can make the call. 

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