Five Ways to Wear a Gilet

A Gilet (or vest) is a kind of sleeveless jacket. Wearing a gilet is a trend that has been in the fashion circuit for many years. But, like all trends, the gilet comes and goes away periodically. The reason for its off-and-on appearance is the fact that many people do not know the innovative ways to wear the gilet. They think of it as a garment that is to be worn on some other garment. Moreover, it is a general perception that gilets are unsuitable to be worn in summers. On the contrary, the gilet is one of the most versatile garments, especially the Faux Fur Gilet. Read on to know the five most interesting ways to wear your furry gilet and how to rock each look.

Five Ways to Wear a Gilet

   1)    The Cheerful Casual Look
Combine your favorite pair of fitting denims with a contrast colored collared shirt to have a casual and comfortable pairing. Choose a brown fur gilet and chunk it up with accessories like a simple stone necklace and finger rings. This look is ideal for a casual evening with friends or for going shopping.
    2)    The Earthy Look
Bring your bright chequered shirt out of the closet and pair it up with your distressed blue jeans and knee length high boots. Your Faux Fur Gilet in brown color will add to the look. Do not forget your sunglasses. You are now ready for a road trip with friends or family.
   3)    Black Is Back
Go all black for this super sensational look. Wear your black jeggings or skinny jeans with a full sleeved black top. Pick your blackest black shoes with heels and complete the look with your good old furry gilet. Do not forget to don your statement neck piece and carry a bright purse to take the focus away from the black. A Perfect ensemble for a dinner date.
   4)    Pop It Up with Red
Wondering how to wear those red pants that looked so good on the mannequin, but have no matching partner in your closet? Your fur gilet is its match made in heaven. Just wear it over a simple top, and you are ready for a movie night. Avoid any fancy jewellery or accessories.
   5)    Femme Fatale
Who had thought that our very own ‘Little Black Dress’ would make a chic combination with the gilet? This pairing works very well if you coordinate the accessories nicely. A golden necklace and a golden clutch will match perfectly. Choose a dark lipstick and a nice perfume, and you are ready for a formal party.

We can make the gilet look different every time we wear it with different garments, like tattered jeans, jeggings or short dresses. If paired correctly, the gilet is much more than just a jacket. It can add glamour and oomph when desired. Also, it can be worn in any weather. The only thing to keep in mind is to choose the accessories according to the occasion. What are you waiting for? Raid your wardrobe and find out more exciting ways to wear your Faux Fur Gilet.
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