Fun Things to Do With Your Zippers

Other than the fashionable uses of zippers, it is possible for you to find other uses for these items and have fun with the zippers. Whether you have Heavy Duty Zippersor the conventional zippers, you can use these items to create a sock puppet for your kids. You can sew some buttons on the sock puppet as the nose and eyes. The upturned zipper can be used as a mouth.

You may have bought tent zippers at and you probably have no use for the extra zippers. Well, you can use these to create your friendship bracelets. You can sew these on Velcro pads to each of the ends of the zippers and fasten it.

Did you know that you can create some convertible pants for your hikes and bike rides? Well, this is possible. All you have to do is just cut the legs off a pair of pants or jeans. Do this above the knee and reattach the legs with the zippers. You can zip off the legs when it is warm and zip them back on the cool days. You can visit www.zippershipper.comfor zippers by the yard
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