How to Add More Style to Your Wardrobe

If you’re looking to improve your formal attire or update your casual wardrobe, here are some simple yet helpful tips to bring more style and individuality to your look:
Seek inspiration
How to Add More Style to Your Wardrobe
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Roaming around stores to check out the latest trends can be great fun, but if busy shopping centres aren’t your thing or you struggle to find the time, there are plenty of quicker ways to gain ideas and inspiration. You could flick through magazines, or browse fashion blogs and social sharing platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. You could also take tips from other people or be inspired by celebrities on the TV.  When you do go shopping, it always pays to try things on before you buy them. Don’t be afraid to stray away from your usual choice and go for something you wouldn’t normally wear. You never really know how something will look until you try it on, so be brave!
Accessories can transform a simple outfit into a multitude of different looks, so you can update your wardrobe easily without spending a large amount of money on clothes. Some remarkable accessories include:  
·         Hats
·         Scarves
·         Jewellery
·         Ties
·         Pocket squares
When buying accessories, choose colours and shades that match the season. If you’re not sure about how to accessorise, flick through some fashion magazines or search hashtags on Instagram or Pinterest. Simplicity is the key when it comes to fashion and less is usually more.
Invest in a few fashion staples

How to Add More Style to Your Wardrobe
A capsule wardrobe is sometimes all you need to stay stylish all year round and this means investing in a few staple pieces that work for each season. Casual winter staples include fitted jeans, cable knits and coats. Coats can of course be updated with scarves, hats and even different types of shoe. Scour the fashion magazines for the season’s main fashion trends, or spend an afternoon wandering around the stores to see what catches your eye. Sometimes, the easiest way of creating a new look is to add an innovative touch to a tried and tested outfit.
Try tailoring
Every man should own a bespoke tailored suit, such as those by Jasper Littman. Tailoring provides an instant feel of luxury and quality, and no outfit will make you feel more confident than a custom-made suit. Although tailoring is more expensive than buying off the rail, it’s an incredibly worthy investment. If you choose a timeless style, you’re guaranteed to get more than your money’s worth.

Go for styles that suit you
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