How to Take Your Summer Wardrobe into fall with a Few Basics – Free Guest Post

Who said basic has to be boring? This fall we are stripping our style down to the essentials and getting our wardrobe autumn-ready with nothing but the nuts and bolts of fashion.
Whether you are going through changes or want to simplify life as you head into this new season, clear away those dead autumn leaves from the sidewalk of your life to make way for some fun, fresh adventures. In other words, clean out your closet if you need to! Put the old swimsuits in storage. It is time to bring out the best to celebrate this new time of the year.
Here is our rundown of some must-haves for fall:
1. The basic boot. Fall is a season where you start to ditch your monthly pedicure and favorite summer sandals in favor of an investment in some good boots. You can’t go wrong with a basic pair in any color. Pick red or forest green to brighten up an outfit, or neutrals like brown and black as a foundation.
The basic boot

We have opted out of heels this year to save our feet some wear and tear. Plus, with so many cute styles that are made without heels, we are not missing a beat when it comes to fashion.
2. A great jacket. Fall is a time when the weather is chilly, but not nearly as cold as the dead of winter. With this in mind, be sure to have a light fall coat on hand at all times. Choose a classic style that you can wear for multiple seasons. I have had the same red trench coat for years and whenever September rolls around, this jacket is up there with hot apple cider and pumpkin spice for my top fall favorites.
3. A new cardigan. The beauty of this piece is that it can be paired with almost any outfit for instant warmth in addition to being a classic finishing touch. Like your basic boots, this is a great piece to jazz up with some color or patterns.
. A new cardigan

These days, many women are ditching traditional blazers at the office in favor of more casual, but still work appropriate cardigans. So take care in choosing this item. Pay attention to details like buttons and shape. Selecting the right cardigan can make for a piece of clothing that you instantly reach for whenever you need that something extra for your day’s ensemble.
4. A good fall skirt. Sure, the weather is getting cooler, but that does not mean you have to cover up altogether. Search for a good fall skirt or two, made from robust fabrics to keep you warm in the crisp air.
5. Tights are the ultimate accessory. Buy an extra pair of Stylish Tights while you are at it and, voilà, you are set for a stylish, fresh fall.
Tights are the ultimate accessory

What do you look forward to most in the fall? Am I alone in loving autumn jackets, pumpkin spice, and apple cider? Celebrate the joys of fall with a versatile and timeless wardrobe.

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