How to Transform Your Loungewear from Frumpy to Fabulous – Free Guest Post

A funny thing happens when you start to practice yoga. In addition to staying fit and believing in mindfulness, meditation, and karma, you start to live in your yoga clothes—outside of the yoga studio.
First, you feel ashamed of it, wondering where your formal style (and perhaps a sense of decency) went. Then, you start to make excuses for it, like the fact that fitness stores pay you to advertise their stuff (full disclosure: they don’tbut I can dream, right?). And then, the best thing starts to happen: you stop caring about what other people think and just do your thing. These days, stores like Lululemon and Lucy are making some great yoga gear. Why not wear it daily?
This situation is the inspiration for our blog post on transforming your loungewear from frumpy to fabulous. Say you are headed from a light yoga class to a brunch with the girls and have little time in between. (We are assuming you haven’t sweat too much in your yoga gear, so don’t try this after a hot Bikram class!) Little did you know, you are just a few steps away from frumpy to fabulous?
Step 1: Fix your hair. A little mess can actually go a long way in creating a great hairstyle, especially when it comes to updos. After a gentle yoga class, forget about washing and blow drying your hair. Save yourself some time—and save some of your hair’s natural oils—by pulling your hair back into a messy updo.

The goal is actual to look less put together, which makes you look more put together (fashion is a funny thing) because it doesn’t seem like you are trying too hard. That is a style cheat if we ever heard of one!
Step 2: Select your pieces well. One of the best things that you can do for instant glam is to wear a pair of stylish, loose-fitting yoga pants. These are made in such a way that it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between a very fancy pair and your basic loungewear item. So put on a pair of effortlessly chic pants with a Pretty Yoga Top, and you are set to go.

Step 3: Accessorize! The simple outfit we put together in Step 2 just needs jazzing up before heading out on the town. Put on a statement necklace, some small, sparkly earrings, and a pair of flashy sandals. Find a patterned bag to pull it all together, and you are ready to head out.

Step 4: Use a cardigan. If it’s cool outside, just add an elegant cardigan to the ensemble.

You can put together outfits that work for you using some of the steps that we outlined above to easily transform loungewear to everyday wear, as well as discover some tricks of your own. The secret to a happy life is taking care of you, without guilt or inhibition. So go the extra mile to make yourself look and feel your best.
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