Indian Bridal Dresses – How To Choose The Perfect One

In India, selection of the wedding dress is the most important and time consuming aspect of the wedding preparation. Every community has its own special style of dress for the bride and the groom that is worn throughout the wedding ceremony. The selection of the sari color and its style of draping differ from state to state. Bridal sari can be purchased from stores that specialize in bridal wear. Every state has its own popular clothing stores where traditional wedding saris are sold. Most often the material that is used in the making the wedding sari is silk because of its richness, beauty and texture.

For the Indians, the wedding dress is an essential part of the wedding preparation. The Indian bridal wear is the epitome of opulence and grandeur, almost like a work of art. Unlike western countries where the bride-to-bes typically use dresses and garments for their wedding, Indian brides wear bright colors like red and yellow as it symbolizes good luck and success. To them, the color white is a symbol of mourning and grief. The Indian bridal wear ought to mirror the personality and style of the bride. Recently, lots of Indian brides have jumped onto the bandwagon of wearing designer Indian wedding dresses for their big day. It is essential to select a great and fitting bridal wear so that you could look glowing and comfortable on your wedding.

Indian Sarees

Due to the diverse Indian religious beliefs and cultures, there are different designs and sorts of Indian wedding dresses. The most common and standard one is the Saree. It is also among the leading options for Indian bridal wear for brides. The magnificence and details of Indian bridal wear displays the abilities of the experienced dressmakers and the Indian fashion designers. The Indian wedding Sarees are garments that are created with complex details, heavy embroidery work and ornate finery. They are normally made from silk, chiffon and satin. It is the most genuine Indian costume that is worn by wrapping the garment around the bride’s body. There are numerous different sorts of draping styles that the bride could select from. They are frequently lively and colorful, making the bride center of attention. Wearing the Saree gives the bride a captivating and special appearance. The length of the Indian wedding Saree could vary from numerous meters.

Punjabi Bridal Dressing

For the ceremony in the Gurudwara, the traditional sikh bridal wear is the Punjabi suit that is a short Kurta with a Patiyala Salwar and also a dupatta which is heavily embellished. The main focus is normally given to the Dupatta, since it’s adorned on the head in the Gurudwara. Heavy gold jewelry is an integral feature of Sikh bridal attire.

Telugu Bridal Dressing  

Telugu brides wear red silk sari as this color is considered to be very auspicious. The red color sari is infused with attractive patterns. Apart from red, the bride can also choose a color that is similar to it such as crimson, orange, etc; the main idea being that it should be bright. The attire is matched with traditional pieces of jewelry in gold and pearls. Pearls are worn as adornment by the bride because of their elegance and natural beauty.

Gujarati Bridal Dress   

The wedding dress of a Gujarati bride is entirely different. She wears a sari but it is not made out of silk, a mostly georgette material with heavy embroidery and sequin work. The style of wearing the sari is different with the Pallav facing the front. There are two types of wedding saris for a Gujarati bride; one is the Panetar which is a white sari with a red Bandhini border and the other is the Gharchola which is a red Bhandini sari with gold checks running across it and Bhandini motifs. Gujarati brides are dressed in red, the color considered auspicious by them like many other communities too. Now-a-days they are opting for wedding Lehangas because it makes them look super glamorous. They are also opting for Lehanga saris which are replacing the traditional saris.

Marathi Bridal Dressing

In a Marathi wedding, the wedding dress of the bride should be such that she looks like goddess Parvati when draped in it. The traditional Marathi bride wedding dress is a nine yard sari also called as Nauvari that is draped typically in the traditional style. It is usually a Banaras green colored sari, although now many brides are opting for Kanchipuram saris. The fabulous green color of the Marathi bridal dress makes it completely different from other bridal wedding saris which are usually red in color. Unlike brides of other regions of India who wear heavy ornaments during their wedding ceremony, Marathi brides adorn themselves with pearls and this is one of the most distinct features of their bride’s attire.

Bengali Bridal Dressing

A Bengali bride usually wears a silk sari of red, pink or maroon color. Banaras silk is still widely used and popular amongst brides today. Bengali bride’s traditional wedding sari is white in color with a red, maroon or pink border, as red is considered as an auspicious color. You can also see brides wearing a completely red Banrasi silk sari. The sari has gold zari or buta work. Traditional brides wedding saris come with amazing traditional motifs which gives a very ethereal look. All the work on the sari is done by hand. You can also find brides wearing saris with Kantha embroidery work that shows the beauty and elegance of this beautiful traditional embroidery work. Find beautiful Bengali Brides on any Bengali Matrimony.


As you move from one state to another, you find the bridal dress varies according to the region and the kind of customs and traditions followed in the state. Brides are bringing in modern elements into their wedding attire. Kanchipuram sari is being welcomed in North Indian weddings and vice versa. In spite of the subtle changes being introduced with respect to colors, motifs and drapes, Indian bridal wedding dress is largely traditional and mostly it is the sari. The emphasis is always on bright, cheerful colors to reflect the mood of the occasion and to show the bride in her utmost beauty. While some brides are heavily decked in gold jewelry others wear simple ornaments but elaborate wedding saris.
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