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Akshaya Tritiya is just around the corner, are you ready with your buying list, ladies? You all better be because you wouldn’t want to purchase anything less than the perfect in haste. Jewelry are very important for us, they are our pride, they are the symbol of our prosperity, they are definitely more than an ornament for us and what can be a better day than Akshaya Tritiya to add one more beautiful piece of jewelry to our collection.
It’s Jewelry Time! Adorn Yourself This Akshaya Tritiya with heavenly Jewelry

Akshaya means imperishable; which cannot degrade. It is considered in Hindu tradition that things purchased on this day are protected by the Preserver God Vishnu himself. It is considered as the best day to start new ventures, buying jewelry, real estate, shares, and other precious stones. The wealth and prosperity are believed to invite Goddess of wealth, Laxmi.
This day is also very pious for doing charity. The more you donate, the more you are blessed by the heavenly powers. When you donate gold, clothes, umbrellas, hand fans, money, and cow to poor, it is supposed to please the Gods above. The best part of this day is; no one denies you of buying jewelry of your choice and as we said before, it is the perfect time to go one a shopping spree. 9th of May is advancing and before that, you have to polish up your shopping skills to make the best choices. Let us tell you the different kind of jewelry that you can invest into this time to please the Goddess inside you.
#1. Good Old Gold Jewelry
Gold is one metal that every woman adores, it is not only a status symbol but a fashion statement too. Since old times only, Gold has been preferred for making ornaments for special occasions like marriage, childbirth, and festivals. A lot has changed in the fashion jewelry till date but the affinity of women towards gold is just the same. Gold not only flaunts the Indian skin but it is actually very beneficial for health too. It is believed to cure wounds and infections. It has a warmth that helps the body to heal faster. It relaxes the mind and helps to combat stress.
It’s Jewelry Time! Adorn Yourself This Akshaya Tritiya with heavenly Jewelry

It cheers up the mood much like meditation. It does not cause any kind of infection and most of the people do not get allergies by wearing gold. It also regulates the body temperature and blood circulation. To a more shocking fact, wearing gold can improve rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. However, when mixed with other metals, it loses its healing properties. We do not know these things but buying gold jewelry definitely makes us happy and add positiveness to our lives.
#2. Poor man’s Gold- Silver Jewelry
Well, for starters, silver is no longer poor man’s gold, it is becoming a preferred jewelry choice for many women. Many women are more inclined to wearing silver than gold, it is said to bring out their inner beauty. Silver is both traditional and modern, it is not only budget friendly, a great variety of aesthetic designs are also easily available. They do not deform over time and if they lose their shine, they can be polished frequently to be revived just as new. You can wear silver on every occasion and get transformed into a diva just like that. Like gold, silver also suits even the sensitive skin beauties.
It has great health benefits too, yes, apart from making us the prettiest woman in the party. It helps fight the bacterial diseases and stimulates a positive energy in the body. It is a great painkiller and a healer. If you wear silver on cuts and burns, it can effectively cure them in lesser time. It is also beneficial for the mind as it helps concentrate our very thoughts into one constructive work. In Indian culture, some jewelry is specifically made out of silver like KADA, PAYAL,and  BICHUAs.
#3. The new gold- Platinum jewelry
Platinum is becoming very popular nowadays. Earlier, when gold was considered the best metal for making bridal jewelry, platinum seems to be slowly replacing it. However, due to high cost as compared to the gold, gold is not going anywhere. Goddess Laxmi would not mind if you buy some platinum jewelry for yourself on 9th of May. If we trust astro-numerology, it is said to bring financial prosperity in the family. It makes you successful and intelligent too (and I lost my teenage years reading those Algebra books for nothing! Anyhow…).

It’s Jewelry Time! Adorn Yourself This Akshaya Tritiya with heavenly Jewelry

It is a symbol of power and strength. It works well with all colors of stones; diamond, emerald, sapphire, and ruby. Since it has a white color, it is said to drive positive energies of Mercury and Venus. When you get sunshine and moonlight both in a piece of platinum jewelry, the Gods bestow blessings on you. It is durable and does not deform or give away with time. It also makes a good investment just like gold and silver.
#4. Copper makes a good jewelry too
Coming to the reality, not all of us can buy Gold, silver and platinum this time, so that is not the reason to lose hope. You can buy a simple jewelry, as simple as a copper bracelet. Coppers are not only for drawing wires, they make beautiful jewelry pieces too. Copper is also used in religious and spiritual ceremonies. It is not only beautiful, but a healer too. When copper jewelry is worn, the micro-nutrients from them enter the bloodstream through the skin. People who suffer from copper deficiency should wear this jewelry to get a small amount of copper absorbed. Since the body has the capability to block the excess amount of copper from entering the bloodstream, it is perfectly fine to wear copper jewelry.

It’s Jewelry Time! Adorn Yourself This Akshaya Tritiya with heavenly Jewelry

It is also believed to relieve the blood circulation and arthritis problems. It improves awareness and consciousness. Copper jewelry is durable and often used as a base for making jewelry which is coated with gold or silver.
#5. Pearl jewelry to complement that beautiful smile
Pearls have been woman’s first choice for a long time. They are not only timeless but make a perfect jewelry for every occasion. They can be carried gracefully on your sister’s wedding and for office parties too. Pearl ear tops are so much in rave right now. It is said to enhance the power of the moon and bless you with a loving family, calm mind and pure heart. It helps with depression and instability in life. You must have heard people saying that wearing pearl ring can help in anger management. It is a great sleeping pill too.

It’s Jewelry Time! Adorn Yourself This Akshaya Tritiya with heavenly Jewelry

It provides mental and physical strengths. It brings good fortune and maintains harmony in the family. Whatever a pearl may do or not do, we can always wear it to get an instant luster look on our faces.
#6. Because Diamonds are for forever
We do not need an excuse to buy diamonds. Women and diamonds are best friends and that is not without a reason. Wearing diamonds makes one’s personality charming; guarding her against evil and fearful thoughts. It leads to success in life by boosting your confidence. You steer clear of bad thoughts when you wear diamonds. In a very unconventional way, diamonds are considered good for fighting diabetes, urine, and skin problems. Diamonds are considered to enhance the creative side of yours and you can focus your talent in the correct direction.
Diamonds lead to the optimism of thoughts and bring riches. Always invest in quality diamonds because cheap diamonds can cause sickness and tensions.
#7. Stainless steel for the diva in you
Steel jewelry is beautiful and there is no doubt in that. Teenage girls start building their jewelry collection with stainless steel pieces only. It is strong and durable, affordable too. It is a gentle buddy for sensitive skins. It is associated with Mars and has protective properties much like an armor. It prevents psychic attacks and shuns the negativity out of you. All you get after wearing steel jewelry is positiveness.
These jewelry are not a medicine that can cure you but they are a support system to help your body to accept the medication efficiently. The effects are also not observed in a day. All these facts are stated by our astrologists and some are even accepted by the scientists.
So, which one are you going to buy this summer? If you cannot afford expensive jewelry, worry not, we have budget jewelry options too. Do not hold yourself back from buying jewelry this Akshaya Tritiya and please God Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi.
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The author of this post is a passionate reader and writer. She likes to be updated with the latest and widely accepted trends in the jewelry industry. She is an admirer of the Indian tradition and Indian jewelry. Antique rajsi silver jewelry is her new profound love.

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