Twinkle Twinkle Little Shining Star, How I wonder How Real You Are?
Doesn’t your inner conscience hop up and down in frenzy whenever you are buying your favorite jewel especially when it comes to diamond?
And when it comes to shopping jewelry online. I’m sure it must be doing a hula hoop just like mine.  Face it. We all have been through that phase, unsure, confused, an eerie little doubt jumping whether this deal worth it?

But don’t panic, just frolic, because after going through this, you can brag your knowledge about diamond like a pro. We cover up everything, from the index to the glossary you need to know before you again and click on the ‘pay’ button of that pretty piece of diamond stud earrings.
The basic concepts which should be kept in mind while buying diamond jewelry online consist of the 4 Cs. Which are as follows:
1. Color :
Yeah, you must be wondering that how on the earth color can be a characteristic property of diamond? But, even being transparent, it can be different from other diamonds on the basis of their absence of color.
Did you know that just like us, diamonds are also graded after their evaluation? Finally, someone can understand our pain. But also, their grading system starts from D and ranges till Z. Intrigued?
Okay, so what actually happens is the purest form of diamond is as crystal clear and transparent like a water drop and is graded as D. But as we move to less transparent diamonds because of the presence of impurities in them, their grades degrade and thus their price and quality.


So before buying a diamond, make sure to know the grade of your diamond.
2. Clarity:
Just like clarity in our thoughts is necessary, similarly a diamond also needs to have clarity. No wonder diamond are called a woman’s best friend. They are so much like us. There are chances that while polishing a diamond, a few polish marks remain which may reduce the clarity of the diamond. Apart from that, during the growth of the diamond, a few minerals may get trapped in it which also cause the diamond to be impure. Apart from that, a feather also causes the degradation of the clarity of a diamond. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about the feather of a bird but it is a general term for a break in a diamond. This not only decreases the haziness of a diamond but increases the price. Pheww..They have it more difficult than us. We really don’t have to  be flawless every time but diamonds, they need to immaculately perfect.

3. Cut:
By cut we don’t mean princess cut, emerald cut and all, the perfection with which all the faces of the diamond interact with the light. We don’t want to scare you with all the technicalities but just for hint, the angle by which the light gets reflected back on the surface determines its shine. Also, the symmetry and the proportions of different sides of the diamond are an important factor too. Too much maths eh?

4. Carat:
Please don’t tell me that you misread it as carrot! Obviously not.
Just like we girls are conscious about our weights similarly our diamonds are as well. But in their case, they think heavy and healthy is good and not like us, who lift the whole world up if the weighing needle dares to shift to the higher side of the number line. A carat which is equivalent to 200 milligrams is also one of the major factors determining the pressure on your pocket. The heavier it is, the lighter your pocket will become. But its gonna be worth it when that stone shines on your ears as dangler earrings or shimmers on your neck in the shape of a necklace. And it would surely turn heads when you rock that rock as an engagement ring. You would definitely love the spotlight.

So now that we have enlightened you with the basic rules of the diamond-shopping game go ahead and splurge.

Shine bright like a diamond!
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