Make-Up Vanity Essentials – Start Your Day like a Goddess

If you ask girls, their make-up routine is a very important daily task that needs to be accomplished, no matter what. They always must have time for it, even if they are running late. If you think so, too, stay with us. Here are five tips on how to start your day like a goddess.

Get Organized
No matter where your make-up routine takes place, it is important that space is well-organized. In order to quicken it, you should get an open tray where you will place all the products you use on a daily basis. That is very important because girls are always on the move, which is why make-up should not take up much time. One beautiful tray with a graphic print will do the trick – all your go-to products will be instantly ready for use.
Make-Up Vanity Essentials - Start Your Day like a Goddess
Exfoliate, Moisturise, Go!
Make-up routine should start with a fresh face, which is why proper skincare is absolutely essential. Start off with a gentle scrub which will remove the dead skin cells which make the skin look lifeless and flaky. That will give it radiant and healthy glow. A good moisturizer comes next, and it is very important now when winter is far behind us. Instead of rich, creamy formula, you should switch to a lightweight one because you don’t want your skin to feel oily and sticky all day long. When this is done, you can start applying your make-up.
Make-Up Vanity Essentials - Start Your Day like a Goddess

Be Careful With Foundation And Concealer
Applying foundation can be tricky, especially if its colour is not appropriate for your skin tone. This is exactly why you should pay extra attention while picking the one for yourself. You can apply it either with your hands or with a brush – it is totally up to you. When this is done, make sure that you apply concealer, too, because no one wants those dark circles to be seen outside their home. Since it often feels thick and cakey under the eyes, you should add just a drop of your moisturizer to a brush before applying it. Trust us, it will make a difference!
Make-Up Vanity Essentials - Start Your Day like a Goddess
Lighting Is Crucial!
It is true that girls often look one way in their bathroom mirror and then completely different when they come out – and it is not about their make-up skills, it’s the lighting. Fluorescent lights will make you put too much make-up on, whereas with rosy lights you can miss some spots. According to superlight, led lights are the best choice you can possibly make. They resemble natural light in the best possible way, which will prevent you from overdoing your make-up and looking silly as soon as you step outside your home.
Make-Up Vanity Essentials - Start Your Day like a Goddess
Add Shimmer
Shimmer Will Add A Touch Of Glamour To Your Everyday Look, So Don’t Be Afraid To Use It Whenever You Want. Use Shimmery Eye shadow And Apply It Just above the Iris and on the Inner Corner of Your Eyes. That Will Open Them Up And Make Them Look Bigger, Which Will Look Absolutely Amazing. It Is Just Important To Know That If You Go For This Kind Of Make-Up For The Eyes, You Should Avoid Applying Shimmer Somewhere Else On The Face Because It Would Be Too Much.

Make-Up Vanity Essentials - Start Your Day like a Goddess

Follow these simple tips and you will surely feel like a goddess as soon as you get up. They are basics of quick yet stunning look, so try to keep them in mind when it comes to your everyday make-up routine. You will look fabulous no matter what!
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