Mandala Tapestry made in jaipur

Mandala Tapestry made in jaipur

What is Mandala?
Mandala comes from Sanskrit word “mandal” which means Circle. In Hinduism & Buddhism religion, it is a symbol of spiritual and ritual, which represents the universe.
In general, Mandala is a round shaped design or pattern. It has now become popular term for picture, diagram, chart or any geometric pattern.

We know that is Mandala tapestry just like elephent tapestry, That is perfect accessory to used your perpose for add pops of color to your wall, Bed, Driving rooms also.

The mandala tapestry is also famous and stylish pattern avaible in markets. but Hippie style is very great, his stylish tapestry used for picnic park and maridge garden.

The drom tapestry is also very popular in india and usa. this is very useful for every home decor.


The mandala tapestry designed by jaipur.

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