Navratri Latest Fashion Trends

What to wear to look different on this Navratri?

Everyone wants to be a point of attraction and words of mouth on social gathering. Have such questions in mind is obvious. If you are confused about your dressing style for upcoming Navratri.

Here, you will find the best Navratri Latest Fashion Trend Ideas that you can adopt for Navratri Festival.

Latest Trends –

Traditional and Contemporary Lahangas

Traditional Lahangas always comes first in mind and it is the first choice for his authentic look. It is also famous for his embroidery work. But, Contemporary Lehengas are becoming new trend and choice of wear on this special occasion due to his contemporary style.

Fusion Lahangas

The Fusion Lehengas are the perfect blend of both traditional and contemporary Lahangas. This is for those who does not want to let himself in desi look.

There are many verities in the market that you go with, designers have worked a lot to come up with new style and prints. The most selective print seen in the youngster is the Pop Prints.

Multicolor Lahangas

You can also go with Multicolor Lahangas. The different colors add flavor in this design and make this attractive. The embroidery and net work on such lehengas make center of attraction among all other fashions.

These lehengas will give you ethnic look and feel. This is the perfect combination of style and comforts. You can enjoy playing garba and dandiya with these outfits.

Long Skirts

Long skirts are always a hot favorite during Navratri in youngsters. If you enjoy playing garba or dandiya, a long skirt will really justify your look. When your skirt moves during garba, the vibrant color & design of your skirt will give an appealing look. You can wear it with a crop top or a simple sleeveless waist length top or choli or Readymade Blouse.

Readymade Blouse

Match your Jewelry & Accessories according to your dress.

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