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The Narsee Monjee Management Aptitude Test (NMAT) is organized by GMAC exam and it very useful for all the candidates who want to pursue management programs in India. The organization that conducts GMAT is the same that conducts NMAT so you can totally understand the standards of this test. The aim of the NMAT test is to find the most talented students because the test measures all the skills that would be needed by a candidate in order to pursue a management degree. Candidates also become more confident if they perform well in these tests. Since it is an online test, it is considered very reliable and hence many business schools across India consider the scores of NMAT to grant admission to the students. It is an exam that is beneficial for both students and schools alike because it provides access to the greatest talents and also all the students are assessed in an equal platform.

However, it is important for you to know how to assess the NMAT scores. Here, you will find all about NMAT Resultsand assessments. 

Assessment of your own NMAT result
The result of your NMAT exam is usually published in about 4-5 weeks after you take the exam. You can find the result on the online website called www.nmat.org. You also get an email alert once the results are published on the website. After that, you need to login to your NMAT by GMAC account to access your score card. When the final percentile is announced by them, your scores will be sent to all the schools that you selected initially.

The Score Report
Your score report includes a total score, a scaled score for each section and the percentile ranking. The score range is different for each section. For Quantitative Skills, the score ranges between 0-144. For language skills, the score ranges between 0-96. For logical reasoning, the score ranges between 0-120. Hence the total score ranges between 0-360. The scorecard contains scores of the candidates from each of their attempts. However, the final percentile is announced and updated after all the candidates have taken their exams.

What is a scaled score?
Since the overall difficulty of the test varies, all the test forms are equated on the basis of overall difficulty level and they try to put the raw test score on a common scale. This is done to make sure that the scores can be comparable to all the candidates so that there is no impact based on different candidates getting a different set of questions. This kind of score is called a scaled score.

What is the final percentile score?

The final percentile is obviously calculated at the end of the entire academic year when all the candidates have finished taking their NMAT Exam. This is done to ensure a complete comparison across all students. Therefore, the score card that is sent to you as well as the business schools that you select are updated and sent after the end of the academic year. For 2017, the score card with updated percentile will be sent on January 17, 2017.
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