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Fashion! The first instinct that you get when you think of the word is stunning supermodel in a thousand dollar branded outfit. Or one may think of movies like The September Issue, Coco Before Chanel, or Sex and the City. But most people don’t think of it as knowledge and mastery accomplished to make it as a career, a passion, or a part of lifestyle. You may also like to get the best of fashion products online at the best prices, isn’t it? Find Jabong offers and FashionAndYou coupons at GrabOn.

The fashion industry is the most noticeable but also overlooked of cultural sectors. Fashion statements have become very popular in the world today: malls, magazines and television shows are filled with people making fashion statementssome inconsistent, some annoyed, some acute. Understanding fashion statements that aspire to send messages are not importantly to be understood only by a critic. These messages are essential for urbanity or rather invitations to a conversation—one that we would do well to take seriously. There are several reasons why this is so. What we, as a society, toss around as fashionable and glamorous is no minor matter, as it mirrors significantly on what we consider foxy, what we value, and how we wish to come to light and be known.
First off, fashion helps describe and frame popular culture so you can be more originative in your life. Fashion could probably improve one’s creativity as you try to imitate your favourite celebrity or like the most popular colleague at workplace or a student in the college. In the last few years, fashion had influenced in shaping popular culture in numerous ways mainly through Television and movies. For example, if a person decided to wear a new outfit for an occasion and people complimented them about it, it would surely make them happy and self confident about their looks. They will become a lot less stressed about how they look and won’t feel as much pressure to look like everyone else. For this reason fashion can promote innovation in everyday life.

Secondly, fashion has extended to younger consumers also by influencing through the fashion statements. Fashion world prove to be fruitful as children provide an emerging market for it. According to some studies, spending by teens and preteens has tripled, much of it on clothes. Due to peer pressure and fashion fads, children are the victims of this fashion world, their increasing 

purchase power is a sure sign that fashion advertising will target over and above any other consumer group.

A third factor is that fashion is significant in its capacity to both reflect and affect larger historical trends. Past three decades, the fashion industry has reflected its total focus on the economic profitability rather than social benefits also that are affecting the consumers, as quality has become a secondary objective. In the present fashion industry it is the brand that speaks not the product.

Conclusively, fashion statements are significant because they intend to define what an individual or society believes is and should be enchanting, craving and imitating. The fashion industry’s main objective is to embellish a particular “look” and hold it up as something to be admired, interested, desired and purchased. It is about endowing a certain appearance with glamour and encouraging others to aspire toward its emulation.

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