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These days, whenever women hear the word Spring Collection, the first thought they have of shopping. As the chills of winter start giving way to warmer temperatures, leaves and plant which wilt in the winter cold start nurturing again. Spring is the season of joy, Happiness and freshness. In this season of cheer, how can women restrain themselves without ShoppingIt is widely held that women love shopping; they just need an excuse to explore new things. Shopping is a womens favourite hobby and spring provides them with the best time of the year to do the same.
Flying High Biplane Charm- fourseven

               Flying High Biplane Charmfourseven

How it all started:-
In todays world, fashion is changing rapidly like never beforeEverybody wants to look attractive and in style.There is a famous saying – “what you wear really matters.”The first impression we get about anyoneis always from clothes they wear and as they say, first impression often turns out to be the last impression. We come across thousands of things daily, but if you want to leavean expression then you need to do something out of the ordinary. The idea of aSpring Collection was started by apparel companies to give women one more excuse to shop. In this hypercompetitive era, nobody wants to fall behind and so everybody started to capitalize on this opportunity. Big fashion brands like Prada, Gucci, Armani and more came up with various exciting and gorgeous products around the theme of Springto attract their clientele and found that their sales shot up exponentially.
Yogi King Cobra Charm in Gold- fourseven

       Yogi King Cobra Charm in Goldfourseven

Spring Collection effect on women:-
Spring is the season of marriage in India with its warm and comfortable climate and general lack of rains.As such it gives women here one more reason to shop with jewelry and ornamentation largely considered as a womans first love. In this era of intense competition, more and more jewellers are trying their best to attract new customers with their designs, finish, material and price points offering something unique and attractive to garner attention. Most companies seek the advice of their loyal customers before coming up with any new product. A company come up with earrings, rings, bracelets, anklets and many more to attract a varied set of customers. Most companies also offer discounts on MRP, utilize mannequins and others to increase their sales. Offers and discounts are widely used to attract customers often companies increase the discount percentages depending on the value of the products being selected.
Lotus Bud Earrings- fourseven

       Lotus Bud Earringsfourseven

Spring Collection effect on men:-
Do men remain silent in this season of shopping? Off course not. Men tend to buy a lot more clothes and shoes, but jewelry as a category for men is very underdeveloped in the country. Fewer products are there in the market for the mand most jewellers and jewelry companies target women primarily as they are the revenue drivers. However,newage fashionable and quirky companies like fourseven have started their own mens collection which sees them experimenting with cufflinks, pendants and more. These products are attractive and have received great feedback. Gifting is a major part of men buying jewelry and the growth of this category lies in attractively selling the various products as accessories rather than ornaments.
Sashakta Pendant- fourseven

                                                Sashakta Pendantfourseven

So, why remain calm. Grab this opportunity and order something as spring is almost gone!
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