Step up Your Gym Style – Health Tips

Hitting the gym was once nothing more than another point on the long list of chores, but today it became a unique lifestyle. When people are sharing their gym photos on Instagram, they are sending an image of themselves, and it is only natural they want that image to look nice. Luckily, the efforts that fashion designers invested in upgrading the fitness fashion have resulted in a great trend of “athleisure”, which promotes wearing athletic clothes on the streets. 

Step up Your Gym Style - Health Tips

Being stylish in and out of gym will require some practical choices too. Opting for the fabric is just one of them, and it should be decided depending on the type of physical activity and your personal preferences. Here are some things to know on how to achieve the perfect gym style.
Embrace Your Curves
Boyfriend’s t-shirt and boxer shorts at the gym? Not a chance. Instead of hiding your body underneath loose clothes, decide for tight outfit that will perfectly reflect your best assets, while providing you with a great range of motion and high performance. Tight leggings with details on the sides of the thighs combined with nothing but ASports Bra will turn you into a gym goddess.

A Sports Bra for Gym

Decide for a bright bra to draw attention to your upper body part, make your waist appear smaller, and give your hips a perfect hourglass shape.
Hide Your Flaws
Many girls are afraid of being too exposed in the gym because they don’t want to reveal their problem areas in tight gym clothes. If you are one of them, try to hide them stylishly, with a hip-skimming top. This piece of clothing will downplay the parts you are not so proud of, like saggy bum, lower belly or saddlebags. Add a bright element near your chest (patterns, colour block, etc.) to draw the eye up.
Little Black Leggings
If you think that little black dress is the only fashion classic – think again. Black leggings are the basis for every fitness style, but you can’t just choose any. To find your ideal pair, you will have to determine the thinnest part of your legs – that is the part you have to accentuate.

 Little Black Leggings
A tall girl would look great in their above the knees variety, while the standard choices are just a little bit below the knee or above the fullest section of calves. If your calves and your hips are equally wide, you can decide for boot cut version.
The Right Pair of Shoes
Just like in the fashion world – shoes can make or break your entire gm outfit. Before we move on to aesthetic, you should know that quality in this case always outweighs the stylishness. Choose light but strong fabrics, such as microsuede, mash and rubber. You must have seen how popular it is to wear bright colour sneakers to the gym, and that is a great way to include the fashion’s favourite cliché into your outfit.

 The Right Pair of Shoes
But if you prefer classics instead of the clichés, WearBlack Sneakers with several conspicuous details (e.g. shoelaces). This way you will make your feet appear elongated and elegant.
Make It with Accessories
Gym accessories are becoming extremely popular and it seems like, with each day, more Stylish Gym Bags, bluetooth headphones, fitness trackers, and even towels are appearing on the market. Equip yourself with these and many other gadgets, and you will be a true sight for sore eyes. Colourful headbands are another way of making you stand out from the sweaty crowd.

 Step up Your Gym Style - Health Tips

Fitness junkies, rejoice! Now you will finally be able to be stylish and sexy in your sportswear. Take that fashionistas!
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