Ten Fashion Tips for Women at Workplace

What you wear at the workplace definitely impacts your success at work. A career expert at LinkedIn, Nicole Williams, couldn’t agree more. She says that your boss is probably thinking about our appearance as you step into the office. If your appearance is not right, your chances of promotion may remain latent for ages. It is becoming even trickier at the modern workplace where casual wear is becoming popular. You may not exactly know how to go about it. Here are useful tips to help you find your way in fashion at the workplace.

Your clothes must fit
You can wear anything to work but it must be fitting. It would not do to turn up at the workplace in clothes that are either too tight or baggy. As a lady, remember that more expectations are laid on you compared to your male counterparts. Everybody, even fellow women, is expecting you to get it all right, all the time. A pair of tight trousers may be more distracting on a lady than a man. For God’s sake, whatever you wear must fit.

Ten Fashion Tips for Women at Workplace

Your specs must fit
If you are wearing glasses for whatever reason, they too must fit. Large-rimmed glasses may be fashionable but they may not impress your boss at the workplace. You may fancy tiny spectacles; however, your workmates may have a different idea. Glasses hanging on the nose may turn you into a caricature. After all, it is your eyes not the nose. Be careful before choosing tinted glasses. Find out if they are acceptable at work.

Ten Fashion Tips for Women at Workplace

Wear dry hair
Wet hair is a no-no at the workplace. Unless you have been rained on your way to work, wet hair will turn your boss off. It gives the impression that you did not have enough time to prepare yourself for work. If you can’t plan yourself well, a dark cloud hangs over your career. Modern employers prefer employees who are well organized. To avoid such embarrassing moments, wake up early enough so that you have time to sit in the hair dryer.
Ten Fashion Tips for Women at Workplace

Your bag matters
As a lady, you always carry a bag with you. Well, it is also a part of your appearance. The bag must complement your clothing in terms of style, size and color. You can visit a fashion expert if you are not too sure about the color and size of the bag. Basically, your bag should match your shoes or the dress you have on. Remember not to over-stuff your bag – it is not a wardrobe. A few personal items, which you will need in the course of the day, should be the only stuff in the bag.

Ten Fashion Tips for Women at Workplace


Go easy on perfumes
Nothing can be as disgruntling as a perfume so strong that it hits the nose like a hammer blow before congesting the nostrils. Yes, you need to smell fresh and nice throughout the day but overdoing it may dent your reputation. Get a mild perfume or a deodorant and spray it on your body sparingly. If its scent can’t last the whole day, just carry it to work. You can reapply it anytime you deem fit. You can refer this article on Bestperfumes to buy for womenwritten by couponmachinefor more ideas.

Ten Fashion Tips for Women at Workplace


Step out in style
Fashion talk cannot be complete without mentioning shoes. There may be no defined rules on the types of shoes to wear to work but a few basic principles should be observed. First, whatever shoe you put on must be fitting. If they are too tight, they cause discomfort and; thus, interfere with your ability to dispense your duties at work. Secondly, the shoes should match your attire. Your footwear should complete your look. High heels may not look good on a long dress or skirt; neither would flats complement a short skirt.

Avoid too many accessories
The workplace is quite different from a fashion showground. It is; therefore, not advisable to turn up heavily adorned and with all sorts of accessories. In fact, use as few of them as possible. Earrings and a necklace would be fine, and maybe a bracelet or two. Too many metals and plastics on you may cut the image of a desperate attention seeker – and of course you are not. It would help to be simple, natural and realistic. Always keep in focus what is expected from you at the workplace.
Silent jewelry
If the sound of clanking jewelry is what alerts your workmates about your arrival, then you are getting it all wrong. It means there would be no peace as the workplace will be filled with noises as you go about your activities. Consequently, it is important to choose your jewelry wisely. Try to limit it as much as possible. Rehearse at home to find out whether they are producing any sounds or not. Remember that the jewels on your person should make you look more presentable. Noisy jewels will most likely turn you into a clown.

Don’t show too much skin
Think deeply before deciding on what to wear to work. There is no problem turning out in a sexy outfit but exposing too much skin may not exactly be considered decent. There is a clear line between sexy and skimpy apparel. As a lady, you need to cultivate a sense of mystery about you. Cover what is supposed to be covered, and expose what is conventional. The rule of the book is to be conservative. As they say, your dress should be long enough to cover the subject while being short enough to arouse interest. This will require you to invest heavily in your wardrobe.


Keep spare garments
Anything can happen at the workplace. Your skirt or blouse may accidentally develop a tear in the wrong places. You might splash some brown soup over your white top or your panties may get soiled. You need to be prepared for such emergencies. It is advisable to keep one or two spare garments in your handbag as you go to work. Alternatively, you can have a shoal which can be useful for covering the affected areas.


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