Traditional Indian Bridal Sarees – The Pride of the Weddings

Indian weddings are magnanimously celebrated. Filled  with  traditions  and  rituals  that  continue  for  several  days. For  each  ritual  a variety  of  dresses  are planned  well  in  advance  especially  for the  bride  to  be. Indian culture from its earliest days emphasizes on traditional saree wear. The  most  auspicious  colour  for  the bride  is  considered  to be  RED. With  time  this  notion  has  changed  and  myriad colours    have  come  into  vogue.

Nothing  in  the  world  can  match  the  splendour  of  Indian  weddings. Keeping  in mind the grandeur  of  the  wedding – the  bridal  outfit  has  to  be  equally  dazzling. Saree being the most elegant and graceful dress is highly preferred.  It is the most important day of life for the bride. “Rachit  Fashion” bring  an  opportunity  for  you  to  select  from  our  unique  collection.

The Best Sarees that you can Adorn on your Brightest Days
Kanjivaram  silk  sarees  gives  a  rich  feel  and  the royal  look . Known for their special weaved technique. The end –piece (pallu) is woven separately and then interlocked together. These  pure  silk  sarees  have  a  broad  golden/silver  zari  border ,  is  a  traditional  wear.

Chanderi- these  traditional  sarees  from  Madhya  Pradesh  are  produced  in  silk,  cotton  and  silk cotton  patterned  with  woven  peacock,  Flora  and  geometrics.
Banarasi  Tassar  sarees  with  heavy   interwoven  zari  both  gold/silver  pallu, border  and  motifs  all  over.

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Saree  A  six  or  eight  yards   unstitched  rectangular  cloth  can be  worn  in  different  styles  as  Traditionally  according to  the  regions.  The Bengali  style is the  easiest   to  drape  with  two  wide  pleats  and  pallu  in front  through  the  back  of  neck. On the other hand the Maharashtrian style saree is a 9 yard saree.  Everyone wants to wear this style of saree. This style of wearing the saree is the contemplated way to manage the body shape. Those who are thin seem to look fuller and brides on the heavier side seem to look slimmer than their usual self. The Mumtaz  style saree has the complete stunning  retro  look  that is clicked  instantly  in  the  fashion  world  and went on  to  be one of the most innovative draping  style.  It involves draping several times around the lower body.

The Lehenga  style  with  several  pleats  tucked  around  the  waist  to  give  an impression  of  Lehenga. Normally  draped  with  pallu  in  front  to  display  the  rich  embroidery  of  the  pallu, this style is what a bride can fall in love with. A simple saree that can be draped to look like the lehanga can later be worn as a saree. This also saves the unnecessary expense of indulging in a Lehenga which is not normally worn again.

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It is not only the Saree drape that mattes, but the entire festivity and the whole set of ensembles is what beings a celebration to life. Despite the recent changes in the fashion trends of the modern bride, the Saree still is considered to be the most worn and the first preference of the bride.

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