Turn Fashion to Style – 3 Simple Steps

Coco Chanel taught style to generations through her iconic brand and valued style above all else. It is very much desirable to be fashionable, but making every fashion your own and turning it into your own style makes for an even more attractive statement. Every season there are a host of new trends and not everything works for everybody. Taking into account what you are comfortable with and giving it your own spin is what style is all about. Here are three simple steps you can follow to be stylish –

1.     Look for what you identify with in every fashion trend and play it up. If it is nautical or floral or quirky prints, you could work the stripes, blooms or eccentric patterns in your personal way. If not a full pattern then may be a separate like a skirt or shorts in the print or choose the print in a cut or outfit that you know flatters your body type. Going for a cut that does nothing for your body is best avoided, however hot the trend may be.

2.     Add accents that are absolutely ‘You’. If you just don’t agree with a colour scheme or print, try adding it as a handbag. Or even a hairband or a pair of shoes! That way you are in sync with fashion without foregoing your personal style. If you feel like wearing maxis when minis are in or slim fits when boot cut is in, go ahead do it and be every bit the style queen you should aim to be. Treat fashion as an option not a definition of what to wear.

3.     Hold on to evergreen pieces and treat them as heirlooms and definitely trash trends that have been done to death. The mark of style is choosing enduring, elegant pieces in each outfit and putting them together with a few pieces that are trendy. Keep your wardrobe stocked with pieces you identify with and love wearing and work the trends around that.

Just be you and you will always be stylish!

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