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7 Points Wedding Dress Checklist

Tips for brides to be about the dress on their big day

Once you have everything decided, your style, day,wedding venue and food, your left with one more job. Finding the perfect wedding dress. This job is probably the most important because people will forget the bride coming late, people will forget the venue being slightly over packed but people will never forget if the bride turns up in a dress more suited for grandma dot and a tea party. Before you pay for your wedding dress make sure you go through the checklist below. Then you can safely buy your dream dress for your dream day.

1.      Does your dress match your venue?
Imagine having a typical Asian wedding, Asian food, Asian wedding venue and all your lovely aunties gathered and waiting only for you to turn up in a white dress. With the groom waiting in his shalwar kameez it’s all just going to seem odd. Check the weather and choose your dress accordingly, you might want something strapless and more revealing but if your wedding is outdoors in the winter then of course you need to change your plan a little.

Asian wedding venue

2.      Are you fulfilling your dream?
Its all well and good making sure that your attire matches your venue but remember this is your day and this is your dream wedding. So make sure that you find something you love, something you will look back on and smile. Don’t wear a dress out of fashion duty and then later down the line find yourself wishing you had worn something else. Get those dreams out and make them real. Of course if your dream dress consists of a sexy satin dress then when choosing your venue keep that in mind.

3.     Is your footwear fun?
Consider making your choice of slippers,sandals,heels or even snow boots something fun and something that will stand out. Matching it to your dress try to go that one step further and make it memorable.

4.     Is your dress going to stand out?
Depending on the dress theme of your guests make sure you don’t turn up in a dress that doesn’t point out that you are the bride. If you do a wedding where the theme is black tie and formal then make sure you turn up in something the same theme and just that extra bit beautiful. With this theme elegant dresses is what most of your guests will probably turn up in so keep that in mind. Maybe ask a few guests what they will be wearing.

5.     Is your dress appropriate for the aisle?
If your wedding is at a beach then having a delicate chiffon white dress flowing behind you may be quite inappropriate. It will just get dirty and uncomfortable and will ruin the whole look. Make sure you walk through the steps of the day so you can rule out any wrong dress disasters.

6.     Is your jewelry appropriate to your dress?
If you are wearing a simple white the dress the jewelry to match will be different then if you are wearing a detail dress of 50 colors and beaded designs. Make sure you don’t just gather a whole jumble of things you liked and put them together. Match it or risk ruining your whole look.

7.     Last but not the least, is your dress you?
From your dress will your guests get an idea of your personality? Make sure you shine on the day as ‘you’ and not as a piece of art. When your dress suits who you are then it will automatically become one more shade of amazing.

Asian Wedding dress

David Carr works for Grand Sapphire, a newly opened wedding venue in Croydon, South London and a regular contributor of their official blog.
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