Why Digital Marketing Courses For Business Owners/Entrepreneurs?

Digital marketing is the promotion of goods and services using digital technologies, via internet platform, including mobile phones, digital display advertising and any other digital platform. The latest trend of opening a new Facebook account, Instagram account, Whatsaap account, online shopping, online inquiry of anything is growing by leaps and bounds day by day. Nowadays more and more people have easy access to wireless technologies and sophisticated devices at their disposal. Gathering some information on anything is just a click away. Gone are the days when black and white display Nokia phones, when products like these were meant for “big shots”.
Affordability, accessibility, user friendliness are few of the attractive features why every second person in this world wants to own an android phone, open accounts on various social friendship sites. Few of the scope of digitizing a person are-online fund transfer, making online payments, to chat with someone, share information, online trading, etc. If you wish to learn Digital Marketing Courses with 100% practical training then this blog is very useful to you.

During the era of World War 2 and Indian Independence, in 1947, there were very few industries and business in general was much unorganized. Bureaucracy was prevalent and those were the days of “Inspector/ License Raj”. So naturally, the scope of marketing was also limited up to Television advertisements, radio advertisements, newspaper, magazines, leaflets, banner/hoardings and etc. But all these were the paid part of the advertising. Free advertising was in the form of business being managed by family of good repute and a sound financial status. Word of mouth was a common and free way of marketing where goodwill was considered before transacting with the particular organization. Earlier, organizations only had physical, tangible platform to trade goods and intangible platform was unimaginable. But nowadays there is a new concept trending in the market-i.e, “bricks and clicks”. A brick stands for a physical/ tangible place where transactions can be held, whereas clicks stands for intangible place where transactions can be held on wireless/digital platform, where goods are bought on the basis of images displayed, and information of the goods are shared and also on the condition of returnable basis on non-satisfaction of the product.

In today’s 21st modern century, every person wants have his/her own business and would like to be their own boss. The competition today is cut-throat. So to preach the idea of a particular business, one must promote his business on as many relevant platforms as possible. The basic idea behind this is to reach as many target audience as possible because, most of the times, casual inquiry (leads) can convert into a potential buyer/consumer/customer/client. If a brand is not properly promoted properly, then, even if the product is good, but still it may be lost to competing brand which is very harmful from the revenue perspective of a business. A brand, not well promoted will always be overlooked by potential buyers, irrespective of the premium quality of goods/ services provided by the manufacturer. Every business owner is aware of the pros and cons of digitizing, but it is very important to have your business in the click form, that is, online format of the business. Also as, each and every person is getting tech-savvy day by day, people prefer to have an overview of a particular business online, before actually visiting the shop/showroom/factory etc.

If an entrepreneur is aware of the concept and methods of digital marketing training, then it is very convenient for the owner of the business to capitalize on golden opportunity. Also good amount of quality leads can be generated through online inquiries.

In earlier days, that is, 3-4 decades back, to get some information or to gather some knowledge about any particular thing, people would generally take the consent of their elderly, colleagues, family, friends, etc and they would rely on their consent/ opinion before purchasing a particular commodity. The suggestions were at times genuine or may be at times they were not up to the mark or as per expectations. Most of the buyers get convinced only when their perception matches with the actual circumstances. A potential/ genuine buyer only gets converted, upon fulfillment of certain conditions. So that is why only having a fancy shop floor will not help. It has to be accompanied by a proper website of the business. When a person is coming from a very long distance, before visiting the shop/showroom, that person would definitely like to gather some information. Buying a complex and time consuming process. Commodities like milk, bread, butter etc, which daily consumables does not require too much thinking. It is a very mechanical process. Buying chocolates, ice-cream, candy etc are appeal/lure the consumer on the way these are packed and displayed. But buying a house or a car, it is, certainly a complex process, simply on the account of amount of money that is going to be invested should give value to the amount spent. This is a typical human tendency, to investigate properly on a topic like this before depositing a hefty amount in the shop. To make the above paragraph clear, let us consider a practical example. One fine day, Mr. A woke up and before doing anything, the first thought that came to his mind, was, to buy a new car. Initially he was a bit confused as to which segment would he consider as an option to buy. Eventually he zeroed in on buying a sedan in the range of Rs10-15 lacs. Now his biggest obstacle was where he would come to know about the variety available in the market, the technical specifications, nearby showrooms, financial offers, recommended option and etc. He asked his neighbor about which car to buy, who had just acquired a brand new Audi A6. There was no point in knowing his neighbor’s advice as it was way past his budget. So then finally, Google his query and found his appropriate set of wheels.
So it is very important to note that, it is not a guarantee that a buyer, who once visits your website will definitely convert but not having a website and being not able to promote it will definitely not do any good for business.

In the language of law, it is said that, although no one is expert in all the topics/fields of life, but not having the knowledge of law is not a valid excuse/reason to get relief from a particular suit, nor can it bar the trial of justice in the court of law.
Similarly, if you feel that you need to learn this course, it is never too late and also there is no age limit to learn this course. Join our Digital marketing courses at Victorious Digital Pune.

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