Why Long Prom Dresses Remain a Favorite with Women across Age Groups

Visual media, especially television has created many myths regarding proms like they have in many other aspects of our lives. The impact has been so much so that most young women relate to proms with overtly expressive romantic gestures, big proposals and even losing their virginity!But again if you were to solely believe in television and movies, they would make you believe United Kingdom is all about royalty, France about fashion and United States about playboys! The truth is proms are more about expressing your style quotient than anything else. When it comes to making choice of a prom outfit it all narrows down to long dress versus the short ones. If few minutes of reel have captured your imagination you wouldn’t like looking beyond short and skimpy prom dresses. If however you are more balanced about your opinion you would realize the fact that nothing quite matches the style and class of long prom dresses.

prom dresses

Over the last many decades prom dresses have evolved and while in the 40s long dresses with booming cleavage were popular by the 1950s full skirted sizes became popular. While there has been a change in the styles and fabrics used over the last many decades, the popularity of long prom dresses has never faded. They remain popular with women across age groups and many of them wouldn’t trade their long dresses for anything else. As a testimony to their popularity you would find most of the top designers in the world showcase their styles with long prom dresses with very few of them offering you the same amount of choice with short dresses. Let us try and find out the reason behind this overwhelming popularity and why opting for a long prom dress would be a great choice.

Long Isn’t Boring         
Long doesn’t mean boring and you have to get over this myth which is again a result of misleading visual media. Quite often we tend to associate long dresses with conservative bent of mind. But if we were to apply the same logic to the darker sex, men should take part in proms wearing shorts! 

They Look Elegant…   
While some would say you need to steal the show at the event, there is also a negative connotation to this! If people are to talk about your outfit at an event it is better that the talk be positive. Without an iota of doubt long prom dresses look elegant. There is a sense of class attached to them which you wouldn’t find the shorter variety of the dresses. They are considered apt for any formal occasion.

prom dresses

Limitless options…     
If you have every shopped for short dresses for a prom you would realize that almost all of them look the same and there is little variety you have to choose from. With longer dresses you would almost have limitless options to choose from. From different types of fabrics, styles and designs you will find yourself soaked in so many options. One of the reasons being there is so much to experiment with the style and design in long prom dresses.

The Bare Backs  
If you thought flaunting your skin wasn’t possible with long dresses you need to think again. In the recent years we are witnessing an overwhelming bent towards dresses that come with open backs. This just fits perfectly with a hemline that is longer towards the bottom.  Short dresses can only be revealing while longer ones let you portray a more sophisticated look at any event.

Proms are special events where you would want to create the perfect fashion statement. There is nothing that comes close to long dresses when you want to raise eyebrows.

About the Author: Jane Wang is a fashion designer who has worked on several long prom dresses in the last few years. She always creates the perfect blend between design and style which are elegant and contemporary at the same time. 
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