10 Best Made In India Beauty Products For Gorgeous Hair And Skin

For the last few years, the Indian cosmetic industry is going strong and the

Make In India initiative has only further boosted it. We live in a country where

opening the kitchen cabinet to look for a quick fix to any skin or hair problem

is a common practice. These rich traditions have given rise to many

homegrown natural beauty brands, alongside those inspired by a more Western

ethos. Combining the best of both these worlds, these Indian brands have

garnered humongous support and audience with their stellar products. Here’s

our list of sought after beauty products from some of the most “made in India

brands” that can help give you gorgeous hair and skin.

These Are The Best Made In India Beauty Products That You Needs To Be

On Your Radar

  1. Plum 10% Niacinamide Face Serum
    Plum has been a leading 100% vegan and clean brand and this specialist serum

which is suitable for all skin types stands out owing to its unique concoction

of 10% niacinamide, rice water, squalane, and vitamin E.

  1. Phy Aloe Gel Hydrator
    This is a multifunctional product that works for your skin and hair regardless

of whether you have oily skin or your scalp is dry. It hydrates your skin and

hair, helps the skin cells retain moisture, soothes your skin and even doubles

up as a natural hair-styling gel.

  1. Forest Essentials Intensive Eye Cream
    This eye cream is an innovative formula specially designed for the delicate eye

area. This is made using effective herbs that are infused in natural oils. Extracts

of papaya and potato starch help deliver hydration and moisture to the delicate

eye area.

  1. Mystic Valley Non-Oily Day Cream
    It is a non-oily formula, that gets absorbed by the skin, and leaves it feeling

light as day. Allantoin stimulates skin cell regeneration, which helps in healing

& protecting sensitive skin. Along with mild SPF, this cream fades dark spots

and brightens the complexion.

  1. Amoha Natural Coffee Charcoal Rejuvenating Face Mask
    This face mask will awaken your skin cells and will give it a natural radiance,

making it look blemish-free. Made with natural deep cleansing and enlivening

ingredients like coffee and activated bamboo charcoal, this creamy mousse

mask is gentle and effective for all skin types.

  1. Bombay Shaving Company Moisturising Hair Oil
    This has a super-effective composition of vitamins, minerals, biotin and

antioxidants help nourish your hair thoroughly. Rich in omega 6 fatty acids and

vitamin E, it fights frizz and rough hair, locking in moisture and preventing your

scalp from getting dry giving it the much-needed protection against

environmental damage.

  1. St. Botanica Pro-Keratin Hair Serum
    Protect your hair from the daily damage caused by humidity with the goodness

of keratin, shea butter and coconut oil. This hair serum will give your mane a

more replenished look and leave them looking healthy and strong.

  1. mCaffeine Coffee Scalp Scrub
    Get a clean and healthy scalp with this caffeinated one that helps effective

exfoliation, dandruff control and root stimulation. This is loaded with a rich

blend of hair-friendly ingredients that helps to refresh and revive the scalp and

hair health.

  1. Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Hair Cleanser
    Completely sulphate & paraben-free, the Bringadi Hair Cleanser has been

created to suit all hair types as well as coloured hair; and is clinically proven to

reduce hair fall by 60%. It has been formulated to nourish, repair, and add

volume to hair.

  1. The Earth Collective Sun Protection Hair Serum
    Just like your skin, your hair needs sunscreen too. The Earth Collective sun

protection hair serum keeps your hair safe from the harmful effects of UV

rays. A light non-greasy formula that is enriched with alfalfa, argan and orange.

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