People always want their wedding event to be very special and memorable. TheTraditional Indian Weddingneeds a spectacular bridal outfit, for both men and women. If you are a soon-to-be-wife, then you need to crack the latest taste of fashion collections that come in attractive packages. Your special day will commemorate all the warm memories that happen in a single day, which is nothing but your wedding. Brides are the usual one, who needs great attire that looks unique and flamboyant in a big crowd. Therefore, you need to do some research amidst the internet for grabbing thePerfect Bridal Outfit. If you get more laurels for your looks, then you might be only women who is happy in such a big event. Weddings should be special for both men and women unless you wear the contrasting bridal dress.

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Do you have a passion forWearing Designer Sarees? Designer saree draped in a unique style is more noticeable in any crowd. Given that, you are wearing a designer blouse that matches the color of your saree. Then, you are surely the wondrous-looking women any big event.Moksha Fashionsoffers a massive collection of wedding outfits for women and men as well. Hastily, you can stop spending your quality time in hunting for the best bridal dress. Yet, Moksha has been operating various metro cities and also owns a unique online site for e-shopping. If you are an online Shopaholic, then check out the new arrivals ofBridal Saree Collectionthat comes handy with exclusive deals. With Moksha’s unique bridal garment, you will be the talk of the town regardless of the location of your wedding. Sarees for women and Sherwani for men has been quite popular and tremendous in Moksha for displaying a unique design fashioned with many standards. The Moksha has been doing the rounds to project the fashion standard in a global manner. Get Up To 20% Discount OnIndian Wedding Dresess. Use Code – WED20.

If contemporary is your style, then we are here to help build your ethnic wardrobe with a modern twist. Often we find ourselves in a tussle to find that perfect fit and style for our ethnic outings. Wedding Affair mentions some trends you must follow to accentuate your wardrobe to the hilt.

Slinky Blouses And Cholis
Revealing, bold and dainty — the blouses and cholis designed by the masterminds of Indian couture during ICW. No bride wants to wear the traditional blouse when the look of the contemporary blouse has evolved to an extent when the blouse or the choli is often the star of the outfit. The brides of today can go ahead and look forward to wearing some figure-hugging and accentuating blouses to amplify the overall look for any event.ethnic

Saree Inspired Gowns
Living up to the thought behind this year’s ICW, all the designers presented a beautiful fusion of Indian and western with the couture they designed. Most of the designs imbibed a western touch to the Indian designs. This is by introducing the saree pleats in the couture gowns or by giving a pallu effect with the flowing capes and extensions to the back of the formal evening wear. Gaurav Gupta showcased the future of Indian ethnic wear with his designs that highlighted the saree pallu with one-sided capes and gathers in the bottom to replicate the saree pleats.

Ruffles, Feathers, Fur And Asymmetry
Where is the fun in your regular Ethnic lehenga and saree with classic hemlines and regular choli designs? To hold true to the essence of the modern bride, asymmetrical hemlines act as the choicest selections by the designers to make the designs ride on the tide of current fashion trends. Layered lehengas and jackets act like the little touches of new elements to the traditional ethnic wear in India.

Mirror And Shimmer
The peculiarity of Indian weddings is that they are glittery, sparkly, and an extravagant affair. We take pride in embracing the vibe of the ceremonial hubbub in our Ethnic outfits too. Brides like to be the centre of attraction in all the gaudy embellishments used in making the wedding ceremonies as lavish as possible. Hence, shimmers, glitters, and mirror works in the bridal outfits. Mirror work is popular among the locals and artisans of Rajasthan and Gujarat; an art form that developed in the 17th century as a popular way to increase the aesthetic appeal of the garment. It still remains peculiar to these states.

Festive Corals And Serene White
The industry saw a recent surge in the choices of the modern bride turning to white colour. They chose it as their colour of choice for their nuptials. While the Hindu culture remains strongly inclined towards red as the colour for bridal outfits, the modern woman wants to break free from the norm to look unique and ethereal for her wedding. Thus, white coloured bridal and occasional wear is catching pace in the trends of the market. A lot of Falguni Shane Peacock’s designs at ICW this year were white, off-white, or even pearl-grey with sparkle details. Gaurav Gupta also displayed a number of his designs in white and grey tones. Hence, if not the wedding, brides may even opt for white coloured outfits for their receptions, mehendi, or engagement ceremonies.