10 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts Every Women will Love

Finally, the day that every man dreads is here; that is 14th of February. This day can either make or break your relationship depending on the type of gift you get for her. Women take this day very seriously and if you are not careful you might find your gift on top of “the lamest Valentine’s Day gift” this year. And the social media will make it worse by mentioning your name. But don’t get me wrong, as far as I know women are the most complicated creatures on earth and there is no way you can tell what is on her mind.

You know your woman thatis all I can say when it comes to gifts. A romantic giftis different for any woman and it is really hard to know what she expects different this year. If you have stayed together for a while, then it will be easier for you to guess what she would like for this particular Valentine’s Day. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Take a chill pill and relax as I give you a list of 10 perfect Valentine’s Day gift every woman will love.

1.Red RosesRed Roses

There is something about red roses that women can’t shake off on Valentine’s Day. If you are looking for a superb way to show your affection on this special occasion then red roses are perfect gifts. Choose the best Valentine’s Day flowers in the store and give them to her as a gift. The arrangement has to be perfect. You can get her a heart shaped Valentine’s Day bouquet to sweep her off her feet. Just make sure that it is not cheap. If you don’t know, cheap flowers come second for “the most embarrassing Valentine’sDay gifts” after cheap underwear. Order these flowers from a professional Valentine’s Day flower delivery services who know what they are doing on matters flowers.A

2.bottle of Perfume


A nice, sweet smelling fragrance can be a powerful aphrodisiac. The catch for this option is that you have to know what she prefers as her signature fragrance. If you don’t now, ask her while you are out on a dinner date. You don’t have to be obvious when doing so. You can start by complimenting on the perfume she has on and then ask what type it is. She will be sure to tell you. Save it somewhere and go and get her the biggest bottle available. This gesture will surely leave a statement in her heart. Again stay away from cheap staff since women can tell. You can decide to compliment it flowers from a Valentines Day florist.

3.Delicious Heart-shaped ChocolateChocolate

Another gift that women will definitely like if not fall in love with, besides Valentine’s Day flowers is a heart-shaped box of chocolate candy. This is a great way to show her how much she means to you. You can’t go wrong with these delicacies. Presentation matters a lot when choosing this as Valentine’s Day gift. You can choose a red box of chocolate since red is the color of the day or you can go for gold to give her that royalty treat. You should also have her preference in mind; whether she likes it dark or milk and whether filled or pieces. Either way, chocolate candy will surely melt her heart.

4.Silky Sexy Lingerie 

Silky Sexy Lingerie


When going for lingerie as a valentines gift ensure that you know her stand on scanty revealing garments as some women may not be comfortable with this type of underwear. If she has no problem with them, then pick nice silk and sexy lingerie for her to wear to bed. You should also know her favorite color and if you don’t,settle for a bright one like baby pink or red. This gesture will spice things for you in bed and you will have a memorable valentine’s day. Take advantage of the various Valentine’s Day offers on this day.

4.A Heart Necklace

A Heart Necklace

A heart necklace is another way to say “I love you”. You are spoilt for choice on this type of Valentine’s Day gift. You can choose the gold, silver or stone necklace with matching earrings. Keep it simple and avoid heavy metals that are uncomfortable. It should also fit well around her neck and not hang loose. If they it comes with matching earrings, the dangling type of earrings are perfect for this special occasion. If your pockets allow, you buy her a diamond necklace as jewelry is a girl’s bet friend.

6. A Greeting Card

A Greeting Card


Depending on how old is your relationship; this choice of gift may send mixed feelings. This type will work well for older couple who have spend the better days of their lives together and are not much concerned about the hype that comes with Valentine’s Day celebrations. Cards are great ways to express your affection to your loved once as they allow you to write sweet, romantic words. If you are gifted with words, you can write a short poem for her to show her what she means to you.It is rear to find a woman who is moved by this simple gesture so if you have one, ensure you treasure her for the rest of your lives. Cards are also good gifts for those who reside far away from each other.

7. A teddy Bear

A teddy Bear


If you go around on any Valentine’s Day, you will always see teddy bears in gift shops. The bigger they are the better. Girls love big cute teddy bears and you can go wrong with them. These cute staffed animals hold a special place in every girl’s heart. Buy her the cutest one you will find and she will always dream of you as she goes to bed with it. You can compliment this special gift with a nice sweet box of chocolate.

8. Take Her to a Beauty Spa

 Take Her to a Beauty Spa

Another gift that women will surely love is a treat at a beauty spa. Ladies love to look beautiful and will appreciate if you book a session at a beauty spa for them. After a longs days work, nothing will keep her relaxed like smooth soothing massage from a professional beauty parlor. Choosing professionals ensures that she gets the best skin treatment and services according to her skin condition.

9. Take Her Out

Take Her Out

Going out for a fancy dinner is a great way to wind up your valentine a day with you partner. You can recreate your fist date to reminisce on the time you first met and fell in love. This is one of the highly rated romantic gestures guaranteed to give your partner chills of love down her spine. For those who are just starting out, a simple picnic or hiking will do to break up the ice. Whatever choice you make ensure that both of you are comfortable with the decision to go out.

10. Engraved Heart Ring

Engraved Heart Ring

Another way to sweep her off her fit and make your Valentine’s Day special is buying custom designed engraved rings for both of you. Engraved rings gift is a great way to cement your relationship and push it a notch higher. If you intend to propose on this special occasion then this is a perfect way. You can choose from a wide range of designs and stones.

It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to impress your woman on Valentine’s Day. A simple gesture and effort is all that counts. It has to come from your heart and if she understands that, then you will definitely win her heart. Don’t be stingy; if you can afford a diamond ring then go for it. This is a special day for you and money should not come in between. Remember to say those three magical words when handing the gift and you will surely make her day.


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