3 Eco Beauty Tips for 2019

Protecting earth from the dangerous chemical substances has been one of the primary concerns of the people all around the globe. There are some instances and needs which cannot be completely eliminated such as the use of fuel in the car which contributes to pollution and the phenomena such as global warming and global cooling. To help with this problem, the companies are trying to come up with as eco-friendly products as possible. These products do not use the synthetic chemicals which are hard for the soil and the environment to degrade. The synthetic chemicals stay in the land and keep causing the damage to the soil and the nearby air too.

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All of us have heard the proverb, charity begins at home.
There are some small steps that all of us can take towards preserving mother nature. If you have not taken any of the steps, it is not late. You can start protecting from your house and from your dressing table. There are a few companies which produce the make-up products made out of petroleum. The website from where you can get your supply of nutrition and the beauty products. Try the Vitacost promo code to avail discount on the products.If you eliminate the use of petroleum and try moving towards the products that are based on the plant, you would be taking the first step towards the safety of the planet and the environment right from your dressing table. Here are a few beauty tips for 2019 which are eco-friendly and not harmful for you too.

Choosing Plants instead of Petroleum
A lot of products lying on your dressing table are made out of petroleum and the petroleum derivatives. These products are made by cracking the crude oil and then adding fragrances and various other synthetic chemicals to enhance the effect of the product irrespective of the consideration of the effect that it will have on the human skin. These petroleum and petroleum-derived products are not only harming the skin on which you are applying the product on but they are equally or even more harmful when they are thrown or discarded on the land after the use. These petroleum derivatives do not decompose in a short period of time but instead, stay in the ground making it infertile. It also damages the biological creatures living underneath and also, causes the damage to the underground water.
The alternative to petroleum products is the beauty products made out of plants. The products made out of plant are completely natural and only a few safe chemicals are added in order to preserve it for a longer time. Since the product is made from the plant nutrients such as sap, cellulose, and others. These products are generally made by crushing the leaves, flowers or the stem of the medicinal plants and the plants which can be used to make the beauty products. The products since they are made with the plant nutrients, they are easily decomposed over a short period of time. Even when they are in the soil, they do not cause the damage. These products can also act as a fertilizer since the plant products will turn into manure.

Natural Fragrance

The aerosols cause the maximum damage when it comes to the pollution causing products from your cupboard. When the aerosols such as the deodorants and the perfumes came into use and the boom in the industry took place, there was no control into what kind of gas and the chemicals are being used in the spray. When we look at the composition of the spray, it uses alcohol and fragrance. The fragrance is prepared using synthetic chemicals such as the aromatic hydrocarbons. These aromatic carbons are complex in structure and it is not possible for the microorganisms in the soil to break down these complex structures when they are discarded. Hence, they remain in the soil for a long period of time causing the soil pollution.
If you are planning to take steps towards the prevention of damage caused to the environment, you can ditch the artificial fragrance and go with the natural fragrance instead. The natural fragrance is hard to get and thus, it will cost more than what you are generally buying. An advantage of using the natural fragrance on the body is that it will last longer than the artificial fragrance. Another added advantage is that the damage caused by the chemicals in the artificial fragrance such as cancer and skin diseases such as irritation can be completely eliminated. The natural fragrances are made out of flowers and thus, completely natural.

Multi-purpose products
Multi-purpose beauty products are also making their way into the market. This is one of the most influential steps towards the conservation of nature. The multi-purpose beauty products may or may not the ready beauty products. Even when you use natural products such as coconut oil, it can be used for various different things. The cold-pressed coconut oil can be used for different purposes such as healthy skin and scalp and oral hygiene.
The multi-purpose beauty products will also streamline the make-up routine. It will not only save time but it will also help you save a lot of money you are spending on the make-up products which are in a way harming the skin too. Another such example of the natural products is the orange liquid soap. The liquid soap made out of orange can be used for various purposes such as washing hands, washing face and the shaving cream. The vitamins present in orange keep the skin healthy and provide immunity against skin diseases. Aloe Vera is also a fantastic example of a natural beauty product.
Aloe Vera is a natural medicinal plant which can be used to cure and prevent a lot of diseases. The plant can be used as the cleansing facial toner, gum soother, plaque-fighting, natural mouthwash, and sunburn healing agent. The essential oils can also be used instead of the synthetic oils since they are not only environmentally friendly but they also have more benefits and are more effective than synthetic oils.

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