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Previously it was the mehendi, haldi, sangeet, and the shaadi, and the whole affair would be one hell of an event, filled with mirth and laughter. India has always placed great importance on the shaadi-vivah factor and if it is the wedding of the girl, then it is but obvious that everyone will go out of their ways to make the day memorable. A lot of things have changed now regarding the shaadi culture here, and one of the major changes that we see is this whole hue and cry over the pre-wedding photo shoot.

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Pictures are an integral part of any occasion, and if that occasion is a wedding then we have to have a professional photographer. Weddings are all about dressing up and looking good and capturing the beautiful moments of the beautiful event. Taking the cue from our favourite Bollywood stars, many of us have started going for the pre-wedding photo shoot. The pre-wedding photo shoot encapsulates the love story of the bride and the groom. And if there is no conventional love story, that is, in case of an arranged marriage, it is just another day which is reserved especially for the bride and the groom, and also their close ones.


We all look up to the bride on the day of her wedding. How she looks resplendent in her attire has us gaping at her in wonder and amazement. It is the same on the day of her pre-wedding shoot. We are all hooked on to what she is wearing and how she is looking. The shutterbugs are after her and everybody else gives in their best efforts to make it a day worthy of remembrance. What gathers our attention the most is the outfit of the bride to be. While there is a lot of pressure and anxiety mixed with a lot of happiness for the upcoming wedding, the pre-wedding shoot cannot just go to waste and the bride to be, needs to look her best. After all, it is only after she feels great will she be able to reflect her happiness in front of the camera.

Here are some of the greatest outfit options for the bride to be on her pre-wedding shoot:

You never go wrong with the six yards

georgette saree

It is your pre-wedding photo shoot and you do not want to go overboard with all the dressing, the heavy jewelry, or the makeup. You want to keep it low key and classy at the same time. The best choice to go for is a sarees. With the six yards of sheer elegance and grace, your inner and outer beauty will be enhanced. It will make you feel and look equally pretty. While this tradition is not too much in vogue for the pre-wedding photo shoot, you can never wrong with a saree for any occasion. A fashionable designer sareeor a traditional saree can be your pick for the occasion, and rest assured, you will be the show stopper, come what may.

Going by the modern trend

If you want to make the pre-wedding shoot a hip and happening one, you should go for a dress. Since you have to keep it traditional for the days to come and follow the rites and rituals, it is only fair that you want to go for the modern dress. With the right makeup and the right dress, you will look as resplendent as ever for your pre-wedding photo shoot. You can also go for a dress which you wore on one of your dates with your beau and that would add some nostalgia to the occasion. Truth be told, that would also save the pocket pinch. You never go wrong with black, so go for that little black dress with a high heeled pair of sandals, and rock your pre-wedding photo shoot.

Regal and traditional lehenga


What is life without a bit of drama and you can very well add that drama to your pre-wedding video. There have not been a lot of brides who have chosen a lehengas for their pre-wedding photo shoot, but it is always great to break the stereotypes. Thereare so many types of lehenga available in the online market now that you will be spoilt for choices. Starting from the traditional silk lehenga to the classy and comfortable cotton lehenga and also the georgette lehenga, you just have to make your pick. Ageorgette lehenga is a great choice for your pre-wedding photo shoot as it is not that heavy and it gives you that majestic look all the same.

Simplicity is the best policy

If you are more concerned about having fun while the pre-wedding photo shoot ensues, you can just keep it casual by being candid in your regular pair of jeans and a decent top. That way, you won’t have to be too worried about the way your dress looks and you can be comfortable as the photographer captures your moment of togetherness. Also, going for a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt gives an edge to your look and this combination has never gone out of style and it will continue to be in vogue.

Go with the flow

The safest and easiest option would be to follow what the trend is, and the trend for pre-wedding photo shoots is to dress in a magnificent gown. With its myriad availability everywhere, you will not have to look too hard and you can chill for the photo shoot. With its majestic flare and gorgeous style, it is bound to make you feel like the queen and you will feel like you are on the top of this world. This outfit is as suited for a day photo shoot as it is for a photo shoot in the night.


So, what will be your pick?

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