Pongal 2019

Pongal 2019: recognize what’s Pongal and the way It Celebrates These Festivals
It is specially celebrated in Madras. This competition starts from the primary date of Tamil month ‘Tae’.

Pongal 2019

Many festivals are celebrated in Asian country. South Indians even have several special festivals in these festivals. within which Pongal is taken into account a awfully necessary competition. just like Makar Sankranti and Lohadi, Pongal may be a competition related to farmers. though Pongal is well known for four days. it’s specially celebrated in Madras. This competition starts from the primary date of Tamil month ‘Tae’. additionally from at the present time, the Tamil year additionally starts. this point it’ll be celebrated from January fifteen to January eighteen.

Pongal is principally worshiped on the sun. Prasad is obtainable to the sun, it’s referred to as pagal. within the four days of Pongal the primary day is named Bhogi pongal. On at the present time Hindu deity Dev is worshiped. Hindu deity Dev is additionally referred to as Bhogi. On the primary day of the rain and sensible harvest, folks worship Hindu deity Dev.

The sun is worshiped the subsequent day. within the new implement, the new rice, moong decaliter and saccharide are worn on banana leaves with sugar cane, ginger etc. This giving, offered to the Sun, is created within the light-weight of the sun.

The third day is named Mattoo Pongal. Nandi means the bull of Lord Shiva is named Mattoo and their worship is completed on at the present time. it’s believed that one in every of the chief Ganesha of Lord Shiva was once forgotten by one Nandi. due to that mistake, Lord Shiva asked him to travel to Earth and facilitate humans by changing into bullock. this is often why this competition of Pongal is well known.
The fourth day is named Kanya Pongal. it’s celebrated with nice fanfare within the Kali Mandir and solely girls participate in it.

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