Rahul Gandhi President of Indian National Congress

Rahul Gandhi President of Indian National Congress

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi is an Indian politician. He hails from a long line of politicians, known as the Nehru-Gandhi family, which has occupied a prominent place in the politics of India ever since the country gained independence in 1947.

Born: 19 June 1970 (age 48 years), New Delhi
Height: 1.71 m
Nationality: Indian
Education: Trinity College (1994–1995), MORE
Parents: Sonia Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi
Siblings: Priyanka Gandhi

Through his life, Rahul Gandhi has continuously been the strongest individual of politics of purpose. Over the years, he has Lent his voice to variety of problems however has continuously remained centered on propagating non-violence, equality and justice. He has imbibed these virtues through a womb-to-tomb tryst with Indian politics and history and has developed a keen understanding of the Indian social cloth. Having intimate the pain of losing each his father and grandparent to acts of violence and emotion, Rahul Gandhi has continuously been a champion of spiritual leader philosophies of church doctrine and truth.

Born on nineteen June 1970, Rahul Gandhi spent his time of life between Delhi, the political center of India, and Dehradun, a city close within the depression between the chain of mountains and Shivaliks. He began his college man career at Delhi’s St. Stephen’s school before moving to Harvard within the USA. In his second year, Rahul transferred to Rollins school in Sunshine State because of security threats following his father’s, the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s, assassination. Rahul Gandhi graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1994. The year when, he obtained his M. Phil from Trinity school, Cambridge.

Rahul began his skilled career with the Monitor cluster, a service industry firm primarily based out of London – he was adamant on making an expert career before connexion politics. He presently came to India and founded his own technology practice in metropolis, wherever he semiconductor diode his team because the Director. The influence of his add the management and technology sector is obvious in his political leanings. Rahul has continuously been a powerful individual of harnessing the size and adeptness that technology will lend whereas amplifying the ability of India’s greatest plus — her voters.

The call to serve our nation associated to be an instrumental a part of her growth came to Rahul Gandhi in 2004. He selected to face from his father’s body and continue the bequest of serving the folks of Amethi in Uttar Pradesh.

Rahul won his initial election with an awesome margin of a hundred,000 votes over his opponents — a testament to the religion placed by the folks of his body in him. From the start, it absolutely was apparent that Rahul believed that our nation’s future lies along with her folks. Through the ebbs and flows of a decade-long political career, Rahul has command faithful the terribly principles that won him the hearts of the folks in his terribly initial election.

In 2013, Rahul Gandhi was elective because the Vice-President of the Congress Party. at intervals the Congress party, Rahul Gandhi compete the key role of channeling the party on the lines of Congress’ core principles. He indefatigably worked to democratise the coed wing and youth wing of the Congress party and ensured a breath of contemporary air entered the grand previous party by encouraging young leaders to require up leadership positions. His crucial role in shaping the party on Congress’ core values over his political career attained him the post of President of the Congress Party in 2017. beneath Rahul Gandhi’s steering, the Congress Party has yet again emerged because the voice of the state.

As the President of the Opposition party, Rahul Gandhi has compete a key role in raising the strain of assorted stakeholders of the country. He has championed the rights of the poor & the marginalised. He has semiconductor diode the battle against the ruling government on poorly enforced policies like demonetization, Aadhar, internet Neutrality, GST and a lot of.

The vision of Rahul Gandhi and his strategy to fight the democratic battle amorously and unity is what makes the Congress Party truth representative of a united India. Going forward, he aims to place these principles into action by making systems that give India’s voters with the tools and opportunities they have to succeed in their full potential.

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